Followed: LES Mom & Radio Flyer Baby

Melissa Jane King let me follow her around Thompkins Square in her Lower East Side (LES) 'hood of New York City for the very first of my "Followed" posts. Isn't that what we do...follow the style cues of women brave enough to create and flaunt them?

I'm inspired by people who make my job of Fitness Trend Reporting less predictable, especially those who practice fitness fashion on local streets and rural paths in ways not always defined by conventional fitness. You'll be seeing more of that here on because I want you to see people creating trends at their inception, not just wearing them after-the-fact.

Thanks to Melissa Jane King and baby Olive for being my first!

"I’m not sure I am fit…I’m naturally thin so perhaps this gives me the appearance of being fit. After Olive was born I began ‘Belly-Back’ exercises. They’re awesome because you can do them anywhere – it got my stomach and waist back in shape after a few weeks. In terms of...

Run from Domestic Abuse with the Help of Women

I just couldn't keep hanging on, and neither should you. I found myself in a pretty unhealthy relationship last year. I was constantly being told my body wasn't right and forcefully pushed away when I tried to remedy a fight with a hug. There is more...but that's not the point. My intention with the video I've made called Run from Domestic Abuse: A Lifesaving Message for Women, which I hope you'll watch, is to spread a message of support amongst women. Why? Because we have the power to physically and emotionally uplift women from a dark place to one of hope and forward movement. It's just that simple.

I get it. Some relationships are hard to leave. But you should never stay in one that doesn't bring out the very best in you or that leaves you feeling smacked down. Abuse comes in many forms and women have experienced it in many ways, whether verbally, psychologically, or worse, on impact. They all hurt and tear us apart. I feel for the women going through it right now but I can...

Thank You, Norma Kamali, and All the Woman Who Empower Me!

This is it! My favorite celebrity interview so far! We’ve got to live our lives by our own calendar and pay the next woman forward with a lot of insight. Gobble up this episode of my  “Women Who Empower” series featuring fashion designer and wellness guru, Norma Kamali.

Women like Norma fill my head and heart with amazing love, courage and ambition. I mean, just look at what she’s created! It’s a mega-brand comprised of fashion, fitness and wellness. And on top of that, she’s nice, introspective and thoughtful!


I’m so lucky and thankful to know and learn from such smart, successful and giving women as I wander down this path called “my life”.  If you make it through the entire video (which I hope you do because Norma makes some powerful points), you will come across this message from me:

It took many years of growing up for me to be able to write this. Mostly, because I’m competitive by nature. I like being the...

Why I Love Pamela Anderson, Hate the Holidays and No Longer Feel Like A Blimp


On the frigid morning of November 4th of 2013, Pamela Anderson and I both set out to run the New York City Marathon dressed in adidas sportswear. Here's proof of me running with a little self-filmed video:

Here's proof that Pamela ran...everything about this picture is amazing!

I beat Pam to the finish line by nearly 2 hours but that's not the point. Pam has moxie. It's SEXY and definitely something we can all learn from. Know what moxie is? As a Jewtina (half Jew, half Latina), I'm only HALF aware of Jewish lingo but this term happens to be one of my favorites:

mox·ie  n. Slang  The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage.

I don't know Pamela Anderson personally, but I read an interview she did pre-marathon and I was blown away by her determination to run even though she's (a) not a seasoned runner and (b) was admittedly struggling with her training. This is where "moxie" comes into play. But before I go into...

Getting Real on the Naturally Beautiful Show with Nitika Chopra

Nitika Chopra is a wellness force to be reckoned with...and I have a hunch she might be the next Oprah! So when she invited me to come on her Naturally Beautiful show on the Veria Living Network to talk about my fitness journey and share some MizzFIT Tips, I had to say YES. Check out our convo and tell me about your own journey. We all have our stories, right?

What Celebrities Wear to Stay Fit. Like Heidi Klum, Vanessa Hudgens, Madonna, Jessica Biel and More!



We see celebrities in their gorgeous gowns on the Red Carpet all the time, but what we don't see enough of is what they're wearing to work out! There's spectacular fashion happening on the celebrity fitness scene and YOU can get your hands on it too.

That's where I come in!!!

Watch the video from my latest TV appearance (up above) and then keep scrolling to learn more about the celebrity fitness fashion featured.

Heidi Likes It Loose

Heidi Klum always looks great. I mean, she's a model...but to her credit, she really does workout. And surprisingly when it comes to her sportswear, she prefers a looser look. Her line with New Balance called Heidi Klum, totally reflects her personal workout style.

Heidi loves to layer her tops and generally prefers a more flow-y, casual fit look. The Heidi Klum Tunic T-Shirt ($39) sold at Lady Foot Locker is a great choice (and one of Heidi's favorites) because it doesn't fit too tight, it's long and...


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