Followed: LES Mom & Radio Flyer Baby

Melissa Jane King let me follow her around Thompkins Square in her Lower East Side (LES) 'hood of New York City for the very first of my "Followed" posts. Isn't that what we do...follow the style cues of women brave enough to create and flaunt them?

I'm inspired by people who make my job of Fitness Trend Reporting less predictable, especially those who practice fitness fashion on local streets and rural paths in ways not always defined by conventional fitness. You'll be seeing more of that here on because I want you to see people creating trends at their inception, not just wearing them after-the-fact.

Thanks to Melissa Jane King and baby Olive for being my first!

"I’m not sure I am fit…I’m naturally thin so perhaps this gives me the appearance of being fit. After Olive was born I began ‘Belly-Back’ exercises. They’re awesome because you can do them anywhere – it got my stomach and waist back in shape after a few weeks. In terms of what I eat, I’m a firm believer in portion control."

"I love fitness fashion being incorporated into everyday wear in NYC. For example I really dig black tights, super colorful sneakers coupled with a cap or beanie and Biker Jacket."

"A group of women on bicycles cycling on the spot until their legs give out (these are what my nightmares are made of)."

"I thought that's what you did with American Radio Flyers…put babies in them. Seriously…what else do Americans put in radio flyers?"

FYI, Melissa is Australian. Get your own baby-toting Radio Flyer here.

"LES has a neighborhood feel that I know Olive Enjoys. She has her local fans and interacts with so many people daily. LES socializes Olive in such a positive way and also allows me to maintain a social life too."

Melissa wears Heidi Klum for New Balance. She paired the drapey Dance Tee and silky-stretch Woven Pants with her biker jacket and Converse Chuck Taylors. Olive wears Baby Chucks.


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