Got Resolutions? There's a BOX for that.

My Holiday & New Year Quarterly Boxes

Just like there's an app for your every need, there's a box, too! My Style Up 2 Shape Up box with Quarterly Co. has been in the fast lane since it's inception, and my has it grown! The last box, themed "Endurance + Holiday Mastery" completely SOLD OUT! You can watch my unboxing video about it above. I drop hints midway through about #MIZ06...but they're just spoilers....'cause I have to keep you guessing a little :) 

Watch me unbox my Holiday Quarterly Box here!

I must say, I survived the holidaze without much downward spiraling on account of food, drink and pure laziness. I went to lots of yoga and Shred415 classes in my hometown. I even ran outside!

The "Endurance + Holiday Mastery" box really helped me to stay focused. I design these boxes for myself, too (as much as I love all of you!). My Yoo Tracker, which I clipped to my purse and gym bag, was the "Big Brother" looming over my every choice. So I took the stairs more, hailed less cabs and grunted out more walks in the freezing cold. I wasn't going to let my OLD YOO win although sometimes that old b*tch got the best of me.

My Valslides were a saving grace because they were the only piece of fitness equipment I packed, but they were all I needed for a full body workout.

My New Balance Elastic-Laces kept me and my puggles pretty happy too, because runs and walks were un-interrupted from having to bend down---->remove gloves---->re-tie shoelaces.

And, I won the award for most creative dish at dinner! Everyone likes their food spiraled. Trust me on this. So if you didn't score the #MIZ05 Box, I highly recommend buying yourself a Loopy Apple Spiral Slicer for veggies.

You can make all kinds of healthy spaghetti, stir fry, salads and garnishes using a carrot, zucchini, squash, cucumber, potato, turnip and radish.

But holidays come to an end and so did the #MIZ05 Holiday Box. Since you guys loved it so much, we broke the rules a little and decided to jump the gun (1 month early) with #MIZ06. The new "Clean Slate" themed box will cater to your New Year resolutions.


When I last checked, we had about 30 boxes left. As promised, here are a few spoilers...

Fitbook will be inside of #MIZ06. It's one of the most thorough health journals to plan for your success and track your progress. The Fitbook you're getting gives you 12-weeks of goal planning. Nearly 80% of people who use it lose weight and research historically shows that people who write down their fitness goals lose double the amount of weight in the same amount of time.

A 30-day membership to Booya Fitness also comes with this box. Unlike the trials offered on their website, with your exclusive code you won't have to enter your credit card info or be bound to any recurring charges. Just remember that 30 days can fly by, so make sure to take advantage of trying a different online workout every day. The workouts on Booya are beautifully produced, online versions of the trendiest and most effective boutique fitness classes from cities like NYC, LA and Miami. Once you set up your free membership, all you'll need is a little floor space, mat, water and a towel.

That's a GOLDEN TICKET flashin' at ya! 1 lucky subscriber will get their hands on it...just like the kid in Willy Wonka & Chocolate Factory. The ticket wins you a complete fitness fashion makeover with me and Lucy Activewear. You'll get a skype session with me to talk about your fitness goals and what's missing from your wardrobe, and then we'll pick out some great pieces! Lucy Activewear is the bomb for being our Golden Ticket and for providing a little something extra inside every subscriber's box. I'm going to Shhhhh myself now.

The Clean Slate box ships on Jan 23rd, 2015. Thank you so much for being part of the Style Up 2 Shape Up journey with me.

Got something to add? My life is pretty boring without your comments and feedback. Give me some sugar below :)






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