Groundbreaking Fit Trends You Need to Try!

The world of fitness is changing! Sportswear, gear, gadgets, food and fit services are more forward-thinking and edgy than ever. I've been testing a few that I'm crushing on which I'll share with you, as well as give you a sneak peek at some extremely functional pieces coming out from Asics. The theme that binds all these trends is Ease of Use. I was surprised as I'm typically a skeptic about adding too many elements to my routine. I don't have time for inventions that steal valuable calorie burning minutes away from my workout. But I'm seriously impressed by how the following trends can raise your engagement without sidetracking you.


   Let's start with BURN THIS.


This is a free app that turns your workout into a social experience. It's available to people living in major cities like NYC, LA, CHI, MIA, and more. Download it to your iPhone, then look up all those studio classes you usually book on Mindbody from the studios you love most and book it on Burn This instead. The advantage is that through this app you can see what others are up to fitness-wise while sharing your own workout schedule, with the potential to link up and exercise with friends or make new ones.

If you're really into the fitness scene, this app makes it easy to stalk where other fit-scenesters are sweating and whose classes they take the most. Your credit card info is stored once and you're billed by class. It's the closest thing to Mindbody and Facebook having a baby and really introduces a whole new social component to the group fitness world. Big thumbs up from me...just don't stalk me!

DVDs might go extinct because of VIDERGIZE!

I'm not kidding. My library of DVDs will now be as useless as my tower of CDs. Vidergize is website that offers a growing library of exercise vids from all kinds of trainers. You buy credits (which cost $1 each) to play the workouts of your choice and can even create a weekly schedule of workouts with the Planner feature to keep you on track. No monthly subscription is required. Just log on to the site, pay for what you want and grab a mat! You might need dumbbells for some workouts but since you get to preview each video before you buy it, you have time to prep...and run to Target for affordable equipment.

I tested Vidergize on a trip to St. Louis, Missouri, where I typically pay $20/class at my favorite local studios. Vidergize saved me a ton of money because I paid a fraction of that price for a week's worth of workouts that I could replay for up to 2 days. I had more time to spend with my family because I wasn't driving around to studios--I was exercising in the sun room. While it's still a new company, more trainers are getting on board and submitting their videos. So you can expect to find popular workouts from some of your favorite instructors like Kristin McGee.

Even if you're a diehard group fitness girl like me, Vidergize is a nice way to supplement your routine. Now that I'm back home in NYC, I use most of my credits towards 25-minute abdominal workouts after a yoga or spin class.

Icy pops from ENERGICE are your new energy bar this summer.

And it will definitely unleash the kid in you...but in a much healthier way. These popsicles are filled with an isotonic blend of vitamins to boost your energy and metabolism for a workout. Think of it as a replenishing Gatorade pop. They're perfect for outdoor exercise or sporting events. Throw a bunch of Energice in a cooler for a group event or grab one from the freezer on your way to the gym.

ASICS won't let yoga brands steal its runners.

ASICS is a leader in fitness footwear. But sportswear? This is where things are changing. They're stepping up to the plate and creating innovative options for runners that "famous yoga brands" are behind on. From accessories and apparel to funkier graphic designs on popular shoe styles with new multi-colored laces. Runners like to be noticed and ASICS has been listening and watching in an effort to create the high quality product their shoppers are used to, but with more style, color/pattern choices and functional-versatility in mind.

The new ASICS Compression Leg Sleeves are designed for support (and sore calves) but also have a retro knee-high look that I'd love to rock in sporty streetstyle way (while benefiting from therapeutic compression).

I tend to make sneakers my statement piece, and the NEW Gel-Noosa Tri 9 (below) is a shoe I'd totally wear around town or for that Tri-sprint I'll attempt someday. It's perforated in the front and will drain both sweat and water for athletes who don't just wear them for I might (sans socks).

Let's talk about reflectivity since ASICS smartly covered their shoes with it. See that hat I'm wearing below? It's a Nike run cap I wrote about a while back ago when reflectivity-wear was just starting to take off. The novelty wore off quickly though because who wants to run in a hat at night? Runners don't like to be weighed down and for this reason shoes and apparel have more safety and storage features built-in to them. For instance, check out this ASICS cap.

Cardio lovers also love Crossfit. Problem is there's not a lot of fashion in Crossfit classes. Believe me, I've seen the gaping fitness fashion hole...even at some of the swankiest NYC Crossfit gyms. Now runners can try out a Crossfit shoe that's made just as well as the ASICS run shoes they've been wearing for years. The shoe you see below is tire-strong--made to take a beating but it's designed with girly colors and a slim fit.

I died when I saw ASICS' Illusion Hood Shrug and long-sleeve half tops. Instead of risking the whole crop top craze (because as you know, not everyone can wear 'em) they decided to invest their time in a stylish alternative. These layer pieces are run friendly (with thumbhole sleeves) and cute enough to bounce around town in. Even great to take with you to the movies. You know how cold those theaters get!

Long hair is just one more thing that gets in the way of a run, and can be hard to contain when you're wearing thermal gear. The ASICS team watched me flip out over this PR Hoodie that has a ponytail slit in the hood. Now my rope of hair has somewhere to go while I keep the sides of my face and head warm!

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Leave your comments below about the trends featured in this post. Anything catch your fancy? Tell me!


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