How To Gift A Man

I've been known to give good gift. But shopping for men is hella hard. Especially when it's for one of the most important men in your life--your dad.  I have 1 rule when I give a present: it has to be healthy or inspire active living. That's what I'm known for so I stick to that.

Tip #1  Develop a style or consistent approach to gift giving. Men don't like to be kept in the dark, because they know whatever you give them they'll have to top when it's time to shop for you. If you set a level of expectation, they will ALWAYS look forward to your gifts and rave about them in conversation.

It feels good to see the presents I give people being used to move and explore. I knew this year for Father's Day I was going to give my dad a travel bag that would help him do this.

Tip #2  Always include a card at the top of your gift. Men are often unaware of thoughts behind actions. Let him know why this gift is special and what he means to you. That way even if he doesn't like the gift, he'll know you put your heart into it.

As a world traveler and a team sports player, my Dad really needed something durable and manly that would fit all the bulky essentials and doesn't require precious care. I discovered The Shrine's website and ordered him the Shrine Sneaker Duffel in a wonderful olive color. This bag is incredible because he can use it for his volleyball gear and matches, camping or for traveling abroad.

Tip #3  Give a man something he's actually going to use right away or really needs. Men love functional presents or something they've been eyeing but haven't pulled the trigger on yet.

The Shrine Sneaker Duffel has 2 large sneaker/shoe compartments on the side with a roomy middle compartment for clothing and a kit. It has mesh pockets (for chargers, cables and even a watch) and slim, slide-in zippered compartments for a computer or tablet.  I thought it would be fun to package my dad's gift by putting all the things I bought to complement the duffel inside it's many pockets.

Like this limited edition Aloha Riding Jersey from Search and State. Hawaiian inspired prints are IN for summer and I figured my pops should be rocking them too. Search and State's cycling jersey has a full zippered front and backside pockets. I just took a look at their website and it might be SOLD OUT but if you're dying for one, contact the company and see if they plan to make more.

Tip #4  Men tend to be more conservative in their activewear selections than women. If you want to see him shine in a piece that's more colorful or eccentric, give him cues on how to wear it. A visual reference will help him interpret the look in his own stylish way.

My dad really loves cycling, so I got him a cycling cap from Bicycle Habitat in NYC. I once biked across the Brooklyn Bridge with him so it seemed appropriate and memory inducing :)

I just love all the pockets on The Shrine Duffel! There was enough room to hold a new energy juice I wanted my dad to try called Beet Performer. It's 100% juice with B12 that's currently being marketed to athletes. I think it's delicious and thought it might come in handy before one of his rides. Curious? Try Beet Performer out!

I also gave my dad a waterproof iPhone case (reviewed on Mizzfit here) for when he's traveling near or on water. He's been known to drop things and you can never be too safe!

Tip #5  If you can't afford an expensive gift, not to worry! Consider assembling a themed present made up of several lower priced items or accessories that add up to make a good looking gift. Think of it like a holiday basket without the basket. Make sure everything inside has a common thread or can be used with something he already owns.

As a last surprise, I tucked a pair of Sock Guy Socks in one of the side shoe pockets of the duffel. Sock Guy cracks me up with their designs. Beyond that I love that their socks are made with ultra-wicking fiber and super-soft yarn. Back in the day my dad used to pay me a quarter to massage his feet. I'm all the wiser now. I style him in cool socks and peace out ;)

Hope you enjoyed this article! Please share your own "How To Gift A Man" tips in the comments section or feel free to shoot me any questions you have about the items I recently gifted for Father's Day. Thank you!


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