How I Decide What to Put In My Boxes | The Bianca Jade Quarterly Box

I get this question a lot: How do you decide what to put in your subscription boxes?  Well, it's easy! I simply put the things I absolutely love inside each mailing. Buuuuuuuut, each individual item selected also has to be relevant to industry trends and achieving physical results. I test EVERYTHING on myself first, research the item profusely and determine whether it is something that will enhance the lives of my subscribers but also immediately win them over as they're opening the box. I want them to come to expect great surprises and not be able to contain their excitment and curiosity from the minute the box is delivered.

So, even though it's's also very hard. It's the reason why my team takes 3 months to plan and design each mailing. Just figuring out the theme of the box can take a while, too, because I want to come up with something that will resonate with my subscribers. I realize that it's a box based on the things I personally love and use but I want the curation to inspire and resolve many of the issues and challenges in my followers' lives.

I take the design & creation process very seriously. If you could only see my office...I've got products in-testing coming out of my ears!!! It can be overwhelming. I love it though. I give myself a 2-3 week break between each curation before I ramp up again for the next box.

I really like discovering products that are super unique--something only an expert or die-hard lover of health & wellness would be able to find. I like sharing these gems with the masses.

Here's an example that I felt was incredibly unique upon discovery. We secured this Boombox Yoga Mat Carrier from Yoga Outlet for the #MIZ15 box.

There was also a gift card for purchase from Yoga Outlet (I used mine to buy myself a new oil diffuser for my living room). Yoga Outlet is a shopping site inspired by the yogic lifestyle. There's so much on their website that's amazing, so allowing my subscribers the chance to explore it with a shop card was also pretty cool.

This miniature bluetooth speaker by Polk Audio was just put into the recent #MIZ16. I loved the idea that it can go anywhere and everywhere with you just by clipping onto your clothing, a bag strap or even fitting into your pocket. Sometimes you just want to blare your music! Especially in social settings. I like it for the beach, hiking and dare I say glamping (this is something new I just got into)!

And if you're curious about what I have in store for future boxes, well, I guess I can reveal one thing I have my eyes on. This brand called Style Reform allows you to monogram their workout leggings. I styled mine with MIZZ, and let me say that not only are they stylish but they're a superior fitness legging with high quality lycra and meshing.

The monogramed letters or numbers are available in both silver and gold. I think it's such a special touch and makes an excellent personalized gift for the holidays. You can potentially wait to get a special promo to customize your own in my box or check them out now RIGHT HERE.

I hope this blog gives you some insight on how I decide on worthy products. It's very much an "especially handpicked for you" kind of process, and one that I've been doing for 5 years now. I imagine if you're reading this you might be interested in signing up for the box. I hope you do!

Give the the next image a click to be taken directly to the sign-up page where you can also browse pass curations. If you have any questions about what's going in the next box (sometimes I can't keep a secret) please directly email me at Thank you!



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