How To Use A Waist Trainer

Hi guys! That's me planking it out in a waist trainer from Hourglass Angel.

In fact, I have more than a few waist trainers that I've been using for over a year since becoming curious about the waist training trend. Like many of you, I saw Kim Kardashian's selfie that she took in her trainer and wondered what's this? I reached out to Hourglass Angel (the most well-known waist training seller online) to see if I could try their products and, of course, come to my own conclusion. Let's just say I ended up falling in love with waist training, which is something I really didn't expect.

There's a lot of talk about waist training out there...

...but what you'll find here is my perspective on it and pointers for how to use trainers beyond the crazy selfies you see on social media. I'll also share my favorite styles, recommendations on sizing and a great discount! Considering what I saw on social media wasn't all too inspiring, I decided to share snapshots over the course of 8 weeks of my REALISTIC waist training routine with my followers before writing this article. I knew it would give me the foundation to share my best tips with you, too. Here we go!

What is a waist trainer or a modern day corset?

Think about it as a splint that helps draw your stomach muscles together and physically reminds you to activate those muscles on your own because of the pressure they create. Most waist trainers are stretchy and have varying degrees of firmness to them. There are countless styles. They are NOT a way to cheat the gym or healthy eating and they won't help you lose weight just by wearing one alone. What they do is help bring the two halves of the rectus abdominis closer together so that you can work on firming your tummy when you're not at the gym hyper focusing on them. They are essentially a piece of equipment that you wear but still require that you put in most of the work.

How to use a waist trainer starts with chosing one that matches your lifestyle.

For week 1 on instagram, I posted this picture below of myself working at my desk wearing a trainer that I consider to be pretty hardcore. It's the Animal Instincts Latex Waist Cincher Ann Chery.

I work a lot at my desk, whether it's at home or at my office. Since I run my own business, I dress pretty casually, wearing clothes that's stretchy, form fitting and comfortable. The Animal Instincts trainer makes sense for me in this regard because I can latch it up over my clothing and wear it for long periods of time as a hunker down to work. Because it's thicker, tighter and longer than my other trainers, it's great for this kind of sedentary activity as it reminds me to sit up straight and engage my core.

I definitely recommend thinking about what types of activities you might use your trainer for, but perhaps my pics will give you some ideas.

A waist trainer can be your best friend in the morning!

How long does your morning routine take? Mine takes about an hour. I wake up, get the coffee going, wash up, get dressed and simultaneously begin making breakfast. Here are 2 waist trainers I really love for getting your day started.

This one that you see above is the Diva Corselette by AMIA. It's SO SOFT and comfortable. It's made to wear under your clothes with a silky and stretchy spandex/latex combo that is lighter than most belted trainers, and one which you can safely wear all day long. Your clothes will lay smoothly over it withouth showing any lines.

Obviously you can see that it's a one piece with a lingerie look. I love the lacy trim boy-short bottom. Even if I don't end up wearing this under my work clothes, I like getting ready for my day with it on. My boyfriend thinks it's super sexy. Just throw on a bra because that part is not covered. You can even break it out late night...but I won't give you tips on that, haha!

The other waist trainer I love for the morning is called The Classic Cincher Waist Trainer by Amia. It comes in both nude and black and it has a more seamless construction but is sure to provide a firm grip on your midsection. In terms of tightness intensity, this one is a MEDIUM strength.

I really like how this cincher is thin and lays right below my bra seam. The lining is incredibly smooth too with flexible boning that follows your natural curve while helping to correct your posture. You won't be holding your breath in this trainer (as you can see by the slight rippling in the fabric that I had enough room to breath) and I think it makes a great starter style for just about anyone. If I can drink a smoothie in it, you will be fine to wear this for at least a few straight hours.

Size matters when it comes to your waist trainer (just like other things in life).

So, I urge you read the size chart when you order one. The sizing ranges from trainer to trainer. It's important to know your bust, waist and hip measurements. The best way to measure these is with a soft tape measure or sewing tailor ruler. Once you take these measurements, I recommend contacting Hourglass Angel support ( before placing your order to make absolutely sure you're getting the absolute right size. I would hate for you to wear a trainer that is too tight or loose. You'd either be in massive pain or not get the results you want.

Many waist trainers that are corsette style offer 2 different latch closures that are within a half to 1 inch distance from each other. My advice is to begin waist training on the more distant latch for a slightly looser fit and work your way into the tighter one.

In the picture of me above, I'm using my Workout Band Waist Trainer by Ann Chery while working on an airplane. I had it set to the furthest setting to give me some breathing room because of the angle of my seat. Also, my body tends to swell up inflight so I needed more room. On a plane is one of my favorite places to waist train because I do it for a few hours while I have nothing else to do but sit and then take it off before de-boarding. This trainer lives in my carry on strictly for this purpose.

What kind of results can you get from a waist trainer?

Really good ones as long as you're consistent! If you stay on the ball, you could trim 2-3 inches from your midsection as long as you're eating healthy and hitting the gym a couple times a week. It starts to work because you care to make it work. That might not make sense at first, but you're clearly interested in wearing a waist trainer to look better. So as you commit to the practive, you end up consciously standing up straighter, stretching your abs by pulling them up and in as well as pulling your shoulders back. You won't slump quite as much and you will begin to welcome the idea of wearing certain styles as shapewear, like I did!

The Defining Moment No Closure Waist Cincher by Leonisa basically changed my life because it makes me look inches smaller under all my clothes without anyone being able to tell that I'm wearing it. It's a completely seamless style that you have to slide on carefully until you can position it between your bra and panty line. It's extremely fitted but has a lot more flexibility than a corsette style. The bands at the top are wider and grippier (to keep it from rolling up on you) while the major cinching is happening in the middle...and it's truly a magical effect.

Here I am wearing it with yoga pants and a sports bra while lying in bed reading Fit Fuel. If you like to read and do so often, this is the perfect time to wiggle into your waist trainer. Wear it while you read the paper!

And here I am wearing the same No Closure by Leonisa trainer under a fancy Ronny Kobo dress that I was previously side-bulging in. But I won't show you that pic because I much prefer the final look :) I felt fantastic in this outfit that I wore for a really important meeting in LA. The trainer made it look so much better on me.

I highly recommend the No Closure by Leonisa trainer since it doubles as shapewear and ONLY costs $25 on Hourglass Angel. The next trainer/shapewear piece I'm going to show you is similar but it specifically targets your lower abs and the muffin top area. It's a thong!

This High Waist Thong Back Waist Cincher By Rago is amazing to wear with jeans, a jumper, anything that's high waisted or that you plan to tuck in. What it does is smooth out that area above your waist band--the dreaded muffin top! But like a typical waist trainer it has firm stretch on all sides, so your abs are getting a constant reminder to pull in and up.

As you can see, there are many types of waist trainers. How do you pick the right one with all the options out there?

My best advice is to buy 2 or 3 that are different. It might sound excessive at first, but the idea is to use them frequently. Get one that you can wear under your clothes, one that you can wear over your clothes in the privacy of your home or office, and one that you can use for fitness. As I mentioned earlier, I keep one in my carry-on bag for use on planes. It's most important, though, to think about what times in your day can be used to waist train. Even if you're multi-tasking, it's a great time to throw one on!

Believe it or not, I wear my Active Band Waist Trainer by Amia for inversions at home. Going upside down has so many health benefits and the added support from this waist trainer help me improve my headstands and core stability. It helps me draw in my abdomen, engage my pelvic floor and get my spine as straight as possible.

The Active Band Trainer is great for petite and short waisted women because it's not as long as the other sport trainers I've tried. If you're pint sized like me, you won't feel caged up in this style.

How is a fitness inspired waist trainer different? What can you do in it?

They're called sport trainers and while I wouldn't recommend them for sport, they're perfectly safe for wearing during light strength training, body-weight training and plyometric work. You can power walk in them too as long as you don't build up to a run. I recommend wearing one to walk your dog(s).

Most sport waist trainers are thick with an outer lining of 100% latex. They have some give, but aren't stretchy like the lingerie onesie, no closure or classic trainer I've shown you so far. The idea is that they increase thermal activity to stimulate perspiration in the midsection while also giving your abs no choice but to engage and pull together.

I'm the first to admit that I cannot wear a sport trainer for more than 1 hour while simultaneously working out. It really increases the intensity of your workout. DO NOT DO ANY CARDIO while wearing a sport trainer because you will encounter problems breathing safely as your stomach and lungs can't expand normally.

What I like doing in my sport trainer are holding poses like planks (all variations) as well as using it to improve my posture during bicep and tricep work (the kind you do while staring in the mirror at the gym). Lately I've been experimenting with forward and back lunging with a slight twist. But it's important to build up to more challenging moves as you become more comfortable in this style of waist trainer. Not gonna lie, it feels REALLY TIGHT and you will feel constrained the first few times.

I love waist training and believe in its effectiveness!

But you can't just put one on and expect it to work after the first try. I've now been waist training for 1 year, and the results have been so obvious that all my friends are constantly asking me which trainer to buy and how to use it. It's been the hot topic in my world, which inspired me to team up with Hourglass Angel and put together a page of my favorite styles. Click the shop banner below to see them! Use code MIZZFIT at checkout to get 30% off any and all Amia brand waist trainer styles on Hourglass Angel.

Start cinching your waistline and feeling sexier. Feel free to leave your comments and questions below. Thanks for reading!



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