LED Light Therapy: Look Younger, Better!

We've all heard of LED Lights and seen them as part of Christmas decorations and blinking signage. But did you know LED lights, originally developed by NASA, are doing lots of good in the beauty and health worlds? I'm so excited to bring you this report because this technology offers a relatively inexpensive way to look younger and get fitter. My favorite items are the anti-aging wands and mask but seriously all of them are wonderful and work well. Check out the video below...

LED Lights are essentially wavelengths of colored light energy and each color does something different. Some colors are more therapeutic than others. The research is fun to do and I had a blast testing many devices on myself but I have to be honest and say I wish I could've tested even more colors and gadgets. If you happen to know of ones I don't mention here, please let me know in the comments section.  The LED light products you'll read about here are all under $100 and exceptionally easy to use.

The Smart Rope ($80) came out about 2 years ago and caters to fitness lovers. It works with your smart phone (there's an app that you set up and link to your rope) to keep count on your jumps. With each rotation of your rope, the white LED lights embedded in the rope add up and display your jump count. The number is literally projected in front of you floating in the air. It's so cool!

The rope and handles are quite beautiful, too, making this a beautiful gift for yourself or fitness fanatic. Every time I break it out, people are mesmerized by it. I love to jump rope so it's one of my favorite designs as far as fitness equipment that I've ever seen.

Fit skin is always a priority and LED Lights can help you out with that, too. LED lights in red and blue are FDA cleared to be used for skincare therapy. In fact, you can use these lights ANYWHERE on your body. LED Light therapy is becoming quite popular because they are..

  • non-invasive and safe
  • painless
  • thought to be relaxing
  • don't require any kind of down time or recovery
  • cannot be overused

LED Light is used to for...

  • both young and adult acne
  • reducing the signs of aging
  • healing inflammation
  • sun damage
  • encouraging your cells to start producing collagen and elastin as if you were in your 20's

LED Light in Red is my personal favorite because it's great for rejuvenation of the skin and anti-aging. So, you'd use the Pulsaderm Red LED Therapy Light ($99) to treat your skin in areas where you have wrinkles and fine lines. For me, I like to focus on my crow's feet and forehead lines, but I generally treat my entire face.

The Pulsaderm Blue LED Therapy Light ($79) is great for killing acne causing bacteria. It will help with the inflammation that acne brings and calm those areas. The Pulsaderm devices can best be described as wands that you glide along your face or body. It's designed to touch against your skin but you can also wave it in front of your skin, too. They're light and beyond simple to operate.

If you want spot treatment, Pulsaderm also makes this little guy: The Pulsaderm ACE. I own all 3, but I quite like how this little one offers both red and blue for breakouts.

For full face coverage that might startle whoever you live with, try Neutrogena's new Light Therapy Acne Mask ($40). I got mine from Target and find that it's kind of fun to wear while I'm doing mindless things around my apartment. This device, like the ACE, uses a combination of Red and Blue LED light. The difference is that you're getting both exposures simultaneously. The result is a pink-ish glowing light that can obscure your sight even though you have a window to see out of. Just don't go out driving in it! And please don't use it for welding either, lol! The trick with LED Light therapy for skincare is that you have to be consistent with it to see results. So if you buy any of these devices, make sure to use it daily. After so many uses, the devices also lose their effectiveness. The information about usage is included with each device. The Neutrogena mask provides thirty 10-minute treatments until it can no longer be used.

Sore muscles are always my problem. While I can't say I've tested a range of green LED light products, I did find this Handheld Mini Massager by Beurer ($10) online and ordered it. I love these little gadgets. They're always nice to have when your shoulders hurt and you're laying on the couch without an extra set of hands. I was told that the LED lights on this gadget were not intended for muscle relief but my research did pull up that green LED lights are often used for inflammation and calming of the skin, as well as hyperpigmentation. LED Light in Red has also been extensively used for muscle tension therapy.

Can you believe all these uses cool uses for LED Light? This last one really speaks to my every day personal care routine. I always feel like I can't get my teeth white enough, so I've used all kinds of whitening agents. Auraglow Teeth Whitening Kit ($50) uses LED bulbs in conjunction with a gentle peroxide (it really is gentle unlike others I've had the displeasure of trying) to get your teeth whiter in 7-10 days. You literally attach the LED light part to the whitening tray, add the peroxide and press the ON button. When the session is over, the LED lights turn off and you're done. It works really well to get rid of coffee, tea, soda, wine and smoking staining.

Please check out the Tech Tuesday LED Light segment that I did on CTStyle featuring all these great devices and information RIGHT HERE! Let me know what you think about LED Light Technology and leave your questions and thoughts below. Thank you!


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