Tone Like A Model

The model lifestyle is now more accessible to common folk thanks to Amazon Fashion and ModelFIT. Amazon Fashion is essentially a department within the online shopping world of Amazon. They've recently amped up their athletic offerings, especially on designer sportswear. So now you can dress like a model...and even work out like one behind this door, at ModelFIT.

212 Bowery (2nd floor), formerly the studio of model photographer Terry Richardson, is now home to ModelFIT.  It's the new boutique fitness studio in New York City that has everyone talking, where Taylor Swift and models Kate Upton and Karlie Kloss drop in to break a sweat. As you can imagine, these beauties are a huge draw. So how exactly do they work out?

I got a preview of ModelFIT during the #NewYearNewYou event hosted by Amazon Fashion. I took the Sculpt class which uses resistance bands and light to medium ankle weights.

In Sculpt, you focus on smaller muscles around your hips, butt, thighs, abs, lower back and arms. For standing moves, the ankle weights aren't so bad. But wait until you're on all fours doing back thigh and glute work. Grrr!

I loved ModelFIT's workout so much that I went back a few days later to take the more advanced Combo class taught by Javier. Combo mixes cardio dance (not hard to follow, I promise) and isometric training for full body conditioning.

At $40 a class, ModelFIT will break your piggy bank. But I'm NOT telling you not to go. Clearly I'm pony-ing up for it. It depends on your budget and what you're focused on investing in this year. If fitness is on your short list, then it's worth the money. The 10 class pack costs $360 and gives you one class free.

Question is: will this workout give you a slimmer and leaner body? The studio's slogan is It's not model thin. It's modelFIT.  So is that like a guarantee?

My answer is NO. You're not going to be thinner going to ModelFIT but you will have leaner muscle mass if you give up lifting heavier weights and doing more intense circuit training workouts like Barry's Bootcamp and Crossfit. Leaner muscles will still give you definition but you won't be as cut.

Personally, I aim to do workouts like ModelFIT 1-2 times a week. But I will never give up my high intensity interval training. I'm just careful to only do it once a week. Keeping up with my restorative and lengthening workouts (like yoga, Pilates and barre) helps me avoid muscle tension, and has improved my posture and the way I carry my body. A lot of workouts can make you look and feel compact, which is not a good thing.

I really like how ModelFIT incorporates a lot of stretching and lenghtening moves for the upper body. I'm also quite fond of the super sexy Trina Turk sports bra I scored on Amazon Fashion. I'm shamelessly plugging Amazon fashion here but I would've never walked into a Trina Turk store to buy this:

The best part is your purchases are quickly delivered straight to your door. If you're too busy to hit the mall for fitness gear, Amazon Fashion should be something you consider. Even for sneakers! One of my favorite girly fitness brands called Gym Girl Apparel  is now up and running on their pages as well. This is a big deal because I'll be partnering with Gym Girl soon to design Mizzfit Training Gloves...and you might be able to buy them on Amazon Fashion. I'll let you know once that's a done deal :)

Let me know if you make it to ModelFIT and what you think. In the meantime, don't make me too jealous with what you buy on Amazon Fashion. I ended my Amazon Prime account last year and now I'm totally regretting it!

xoxo, Bianca Jade


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