What happened to my eye??? #Chalazion

Hey guys, so last weekend I had the worst thing happen to my eye. For some reason the glands in my eyes decided to act up and stop working normally. The reason for this is still unknown but I'll get into that later. The backup created a huge "chalazion" on my eyelid (also called a hordeolum), which caused me so much pain and discomfort over the course of a week.

The inflammation made it nearly impossible to open my eye and it was sore to the touch--like someone punched me in the eye socket. I could barely touch it with my fingertip without wanting to cry.

I tried to wait it out because everyone was telling me I just had a stye. I totally appreciated receiving everyone's recommendations. I think the apple cider vinegar, boric acid and hot compress tips were all wonderful but my situation was too far gone for these remedies to heal. Plus, those hot compresses hurt so bad!

I ended up at urgent care where I didn't get the right treatment but at least I got a few doctor referrals. I finally saw an Ophthamologist (Dr. Yogita Kashyup) who performed a surgical procedure on my eyelid, slicing the chalazion open and draining it. It was then cauterized back together. Ouch!

I'm still healing and the inflammation and bump are going down but my eye still looks freakish. Dr. Kashyup tells me it's a 2 week recovery. I think the worst part of it is not being able to wear my contacts. I'm not used to glasses and for me, working out with glasses is nearly impossible. Not that I should be working out...but just saying.

I'm blogging about this just because a lot of people wanted to know exactly what happened. That silly bandage is no longer on my face...I just had to wear it after the surgical procedure. If you've had any kind of problem like this, I'm sure you can relate that it's awful and if you're reading this because you landed here from a Google search of "chalazion", I recommend calling an Ophthamologist immediately. Apparently it's much easier to treat (without the incision I got) the minute you start feeling any pain on the eyelid...otherwise it will turn into a huge sore expanding across your eye stretching it out.

There are many causes for chalazions. It's really anything that makes the eyes sensitive or blocks the glands. Sometimes it's stress or lack of sleep. But other things like allergies or sensitivity to eyelash extension glue can trigger an abscess on the eye to form. It can begin as a style and turn into a chalazion. I hope this helps!!! I'm not an expert on this problem but I wanted to share my experience in case it helps someone identify what they have and get treated sooner.


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