Turn Your Ipod Nano into a Watch with Loop Nano

This silicone watchband turns your Nano 6g into a trendy time-telling device. The Loop Nano ($19.99) lets you wear your square friend as a fitness fashion accessory to the gym. Access your favorite fitness apps for workout tips or time your sprints around the track. The Loop Nano is sweat resistant, comfortable and it keeps your Ipod Nano very secure and within eyesight.

New Outdoor Pilates Bootcamp with a Chic & Bendy Drill Sargent Hits NYC

- This is a guest post by Erica Chapman -


FINALLY, we’ve gotten to that point in the year where you’d actually rather exercise outside than in a gym. The weather practically begs you to come sweat outdoors!  But personally, I’m tired of my jog-around-the-neighborhood routine. That’s why I was psyched to try out Nicola Yvette’s new “Pilates Bootcamp” on the Hudson river.  If you tend to think of pilates as the easy-breezy cousin of yoga, let Nicola prove you wrong while you enjoy the waterfront breeze!

I asked Nicola, a former dancer-turned-yoga/aerobics/spin/weight training/pilates instructor (whew!) for the nitty gritty on her class, and her thoughts on the best fitness fashion out there. Read the interview below.


Hey Nicola!  So, you have quite a varied fitness background.  Given your multi-discipline knowledge, what particularly makes you love pilates?

Nicola Yvette:  I began ballet at the age of four. My...

A Fitness Boombox That You Can Take Anywhere

The Eco Terra is the new age fitness boombox made for outdoor excursions and adventures. It plays all major smart phones and portable music players. Take it to group workout sessions in the park or even something more extreme, because if you get lost in the dark it also functions as a flashlight. The Eco Terra is waterproof and will charge your smart phone. What doesn't it do?

How to Work Out & Look Like a Latina Pop Star



If you know who Kat DeLuna is then you know she's a Dominican born pop star who's climbing the music charts. Her dance and hip-hop tracks make for killer workout music and feature artists like Akon. When she's not singing her heart out, she's in the gym rocking hot fitness couture and I have proof! Check out the video above where Kat DeLuna gets Styled Up 2 Shape Up for Univision's Despierta America show by me and Tadeo from the Cuerpaso workout.



Here's what she wore, why it rocks and where you can get it:

Femme Fitale Fitness Zebra Print Gloves ($19.99) for weight training, floor work, spinning and outdoor cycling

Her own Nike training jacket. Nike's Windrunner Jacket ($63.97) in white/cherry/sapphire is a close match.

An MPG Sport bra. The one Kat's wearing in the video is no longer available. Check out newer styles Eris (shown...


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