Bodysuits Are Back!

Sexy bodysuits like RioSoul's New Zealand Supplex One Piece ($145) are popping up everywhere and women are once again embracing this early 90's trend. The good news: RioSoul supplex bodysuits stretch up to 500%, so you won't kill yourself squeezing into one. The bad news: low cut and backless bodysuits offer little support for large chested women.

Amy Winehouse Designs Golf Clothes - Really?


I couldn't believe it when I first came across Amy Winehouse's collection for Fred Perry because she doesn't seem the sporty type at all. Have I been living under a rock? Because it's her 2nd collection for the house of Perry and it's marvelous! I wish I had known about the 1st because Amy gives Fred Perry luxury sportswear and ready-wear a serious rockabilly edge. She injects her retro 50's vibe into the line which includes sexy halter dresses, Hawaiian prints, tie-up bowling shirts and slim cut polos and pants. Amy's love for ballet flats even translates to a kilted loafer. The Amy Straw Visor and Hawaiian Print Shirt featuring Amy's likeness are my favorites!

If you like golf fashion and don't mind pushing the envelope, take a look at what you could be wearing on the green: AMY WNEHOUSE FOR FRED PERRY

It's creative and totally fun. And what would make it even better is seeing Ms. Winehouse golf!

Images courtesy of Fred Perry website and Buzznet...

Kat DeLuna Sculpts From The Inside Out

It's not often you hear a 22-year-old so excited about fitness & health that she trips over her words when describing her workout routine. That's what makes Kat DeLuna, hip hop singer-songwriter, my new fitness crush. She's determined to live a healthy lifestyle and get fit for 2011 by taking personal inventory, not just counting calories.

Check out my interview below with Kat, who I'll be styling for Despierta America on Univision next week.

Singer Kat DeLuna On Keeping Fit - By MizzFIT/Bianca Jade for Fox News Latino | Published January 07, 2011

Dominican Singer/Songwriter/Dancer Kat DeLuna knows that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a tight body. At 22, the “Whine Up” star has a passionate approach to fitness that begins with taking personal inventory.

“First, you have to figure out what makes you uncomfortable about your body, then find an activity you love and make it your healthy obsession,”...


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