The Zen Ring - Straight from Japan!

It looks like a toy but the Zen Ring is made to help you relax and release. A researcher in Japan created it as a safe and effective way to stretch out your arms, neck, back and legs. The Zen Ring works by hooking onto your arms and legs to help you stretch further, more easily and intensely. It's definitely a tool you can live without but nonetheless a well designed piece of fitness equipment.

What Serena Should've Worn To The US Open


Serena Williams Wins US Open Match But Loses For Best Outfit

Serena Williams showed Bojana Jovanovski what winning looks like last night at the US Open. It was awesome. But Serena's Nike tennis dress--not so awesome. I love Nike just as much as the next girl, but the dress was underwhelming. Serena Williams is a sports fashion icon! The girl normally has style and pizazz. So what the heck? I wish Nike had designed something that expresses Serena's funky side more. Check out what I think Serena Williams should've worn for last night's match and be sure to enter my Tennis Couture Giveaway to win a new tennis outfit!


1st Things 1st, This Is What Nike Designed For Serena Williams:

If you want to see more and watch Nike's design inspiration video, CLICK HERE


Here's What Serena Should've Worn To The US OPEN:

Wardrobe Breakdown:


Compression Energize Tank Top by LIJA - $75

Barricade adilibria...

Fit Frappe'

A fitness nut and coffee addict's dream come true! Fit Frappe' is delish! I tried it at the Idea World Fitness Conference in LA where it previewed to much praise. Just add water to the Fit Frappe' protein drink mix which comes in 3 different coffee flavors (Vanilla Latte, Mocha and Espresso) and shake it like a Polaroid picture. It's packed with 20 grams of protein, less than 1 gram of sugar and only 130 calories and 3.5 grams of fat. It's gluten free, too. I barely ever write about protein drinks...meaning I'm crazy about this one!

The Genie Watch by NIxon - Ask Away!

Should you work out today? Just ask the Genie Watch by NIxon ($120). It's a sport watch and magic 8 ball in one! Time your sprints or press the genie button to find out a yes/no answer to your biggest questions in life. By the way, you should absolutely work out today so I'm expecting you to come up with better questions than that! Aside from changing your life, this watch is aesthetically pleasing and has a sweat resistant silicone band. The Genie comes in 3 colors but my favorite is the army green.

If Kat Von D and Amy Winehouse Went to the Gym Together...


If Kat Von D and Amy Winehouse went to the gym together...

Kat would be clear-minded from lots of yoga and find herself a real man. Perhaps a CrossFit hottie.

Amy would be so hooked on her natural endorphins she'd be the last to leave the gym.

Obviously there's no chance of this ever happening due to Amy's untimely passing, but that doesn't mean a girl like myself can't be inspired by the thought of it. Kat and Amy have always gone against the grain with their fashion and lifestyle choices. I admire their strength and radiance, and believe they would've made great workout partners.


Can you imagine what they'd wear to the gym? Let's take a look.

Below are some tatoo-bearing shots of Kat Von D looking very fitness-y. Much like Lady Gaga, her activewear picks look cool but don't guarantee comfort for high performance.


Here's how I'd make Kat Von D's get-up a bit more gym-friendly and moisture...

The New Saucony Hattori is a Total Lightweight

Saucony's spanking new Hattori sneaker ($80) is their lightest shoe yet (3.8oz). It wears like a mitten to give your toes room to do what they naturally want to do, like arching and gripping. The Hattori sole is designed for impact cushioning but I'm mostly sold on the futuristic design. These running shoes will definitely earn you lots of double-takes on the run path.


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