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A Shoo In


Everyone’s talking about Somnio Running shoes and now so am I. They’ve been featured in Triathlete and Women’s Health magazines as a welcome contender to the market of running shoes. Aside from their stylish design, I love how these shoes are built for long runs and customized for foot structure and running style. If you pronate or supinate, you might want to consider these shoes. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, read THIS.

Check out Somnio’s running shoes HERE (for ladies and gents):

I watched Somnio’s online fitting video and it seems like they’ve put a lot of thought into shoe mechanics and developed a line of shoes that will actually adapt to the runners that wear them. I must warn you, the video is pretty boring but just in case you’ve got the time…view it HERE.

Get to know your running style before buying a pair of Somnio trainers. Think about what hurts when you run and where you get blisters. Pain and blisters can indicate...

Shorter. Faster. Better?


Sprinting is a re-emerging fitness trend that’s catching up with the popularity of long distance running. The difference is that sprinting involves shorter and higher intensity running intervals with rest periods in between. Sprinting is definitely more time efficient as well as a huge calorie burner. This raises a good question: should you be running harder and shorter instead of longer and more consistent?


The answer really depends on your fitness goals. Sprinting will increase your speed and help you move past a frustrating weight-loss plateau. Here’s how it works… The high intensity nature of sprinting shocks your body, burns tons of calories and allows for more visible changes in your body type. Your body will continue to burn calories hours after you’ve finished your workout. As amazing as that sounds, the negative side is that sprinting will surely fatigue you. Remember that before you go on a sprinting binge, especially if you’re heading...

The 5 Minute Shrug


Love it or hate it, the shrug is back and Lululemon’s version is made especially for runners in training. They’re calling it the “1st 5 Minutes shrug” addressing long distance runners’ propensity to strip down their layers. I was hesitant at first but the fit and style of this shrug is too cute to overlook. It’s lightweight and designed for easy access to open air. Wear it for warmth and protection from wind and rain. Take it off as soon as your body temperature rises and stuff it into your pocket. It’s so easy it’s a no brainer—especially if you’re training for an upcoming marathon.

It’s hard to find workout clothes that accommodate rigorous workouts. Long distance running takes a huge toll on the body and requires activewear that looks good, stays put, and keeps its shape for hours. Lululemon’s activewear checks all of these boxes which explains their high price point. Their sales are few and far between but for a guaranteed 15% off your...

A Watch Worthy Fitness Accessory

Just because you like to get sweaty doesn’t mean you can’t wear a killer watch. Adidas and G-Shock combine style and function with digital watches designed for rugged workouts and water sports. “Candy” watches by Adidas (top 4 watches pictured) are chic and come in a variety of colors. I’m really loving the G-Shock Mini line for women (pictured in bottom blue box) because the watches are tough looking but still feminine due to a more petite size. This watch has a sporty 80’s vibe—that’s enough reason to love it. I have to admit, G-Shock’s new back-light colors with afterglow had me at “hello”. It’s nice to see G-Shock make a comeback and at last redeem itself for the unmentionable, Baby-G. Oops!
The Adidas Candy watch in hot pink ($60)
G-Shock Mini at Bloomingdale's (ORIG. $95 NOW $79)
Variety of digital watches at Bloomingdale's

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