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Natural Do-Gooder


Natural Fitness has caught my attention. They make premium yoga, pilates and strength training products that are eco-friendly. For every one of their products sold, Natural Fitness funds the planting of a tree to improve the condition of our atmosphere. The company is gaga for eco—their website and email are even solar powered. Wow, this green trend is infectious. I’m starting to realize the prevalence of sustainable workout products and it looks like these greenies are on to something.

They use environmentally friendly material like bamboo for their yoga and pilates block, and natural rubber from rubber trees for their yoga mats. Their fitness products are quite nice and sell at high end retailers. Prices are extremely reasonable, especially if you buy directly from Natural Fitness online. How can you go wrong with a company that wants to offset its own eco-footprint? This is a company that cares and injects love into every product they make.

I dig the...

Stimulate the Fitconomy at Paragon Sports NYC


The Barney’s warehouse sale is over and you’re looking for you next fix.

Well here it is…

Paragon Sports Warehouse Sale (50-80% off)

Now through September 17th, 2009

50-80% off sporting good clothing, footwear and gear. Some of the categories that will be featured are: athletic and outdoor footwear, running clothing, ski/snowboard clothing, ski/snowboard equipment, backpacks and luggage, golf equipment, tennis racquets and bags, team jerseys, sportswear and many more.

Hours: Mon-Thur 10am-7pm
Sale Entrance: 18 East 18th Street (between Broadway and 5th Avenue)

Kettlebell Couture


I love the mod design and color range of these neoprene kettlebells from Jordan Fitness. Jordan Fitness teamed up with trainer Angie Dowds from the U.K.’s Biggest Loser show to give their kettlebell a new look. Their goal was to make the kettlebell more user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Well done, Jordan Fitness. I hope you’re plugging these on the show.

More on Jordan Fitness here:

Kettlebell workout here:

Photo courtesy of Jordan Fitness website

Green Your Workout


Everything’s going green these days, even fitness detergent. I spotted WIN Green, a new eco-friendly sport detergent, at Jack Rabbit in NYC. I’m familiar with lots of sport detergents but this was the first environmentally friendly one to cross my path. I snapped a pic, poked around online and found that WIN Green has a high consumer approval rating.

When it comes to athletic gear, it’s important to use an effective sport detergent to make sure everything gets 100% clean. Many of you probably use regular laundry detergent and consider sport detergent an unnecessary expense. I can understand that, but if you exercise a lot and care about the longevity of your fitness apparel it’s worth the extra $7 that WIN Green costs. Sport detergents like WIN Green work harder than regular detergents to remove sweat induced bacteria and stink.

WIN Green caught my attention because it preserves the condition of fitness garments while preserving the environment. Its...

When Man Boobs Strike, Fight Back.


In light of NYC fashion week approaching…

Woolly mammaries are OUT. Exercising them away is IN.

Man boobs are so LY (last year) and getting rid of them will definitely update your look. You’re going to have to be patient and exercise self discipline by eating right and hitting the gym regularly. Follow the advice and exercise tips in the article linked below and stay committed and focused. Remember what you’re fighting for…or against (old man droopers).

Win the Man Boob Battle, by Jeff Bayer 

Ladies, share this blog post with a man in your life.

Maybe preface it with, “I love you, but…”


Dara Torres On Getting Better With Age


Olympic swimmer, Dara Torres, proves that at any age we can achieve greatness. The key to success is committing to being great. In THIS interview she says, “Don’t put an age limit on your dreams.”

Dara is one of the most down-to-earth, relate-able and inspiring female athletes. She’s had major wins and losses throughout her life which she openly discusses in interviews and shares in her recent book, Age is Just a Number.

In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Dara showed us that winning the silver at 41 was just as much an incredible mental feat as a physical one. The adage on Dara’s picture is from the Lululemon Athletica store bag (the one you get with your purchase). It’s a truth that’s so relevant to Dara Torres’ success and to our own.

If you haven’t already—commit to being great at what you love most.


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