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FLAB-U-LESS for Fall


Stephanie Levinson believes in CHANGE. That’s why she created FLAB-U-LESS, the ultimate flab-busting, calorie burning fitness class.

I wanted this to be a class that really addressed woman’s dissatisfaction with their workouts and bodies.

From my observations, it seems they want their workouts to be more effective, and they want to focus on certain areas of the body they feel are flabbier than they should be.

Too many group fitness classes fall short of a high enough intensity level to cause any significant body changes. NOT COOL (says me).

When you’re putting in time at the gym, you want to see results. Stephanie is the queen of results in my book. She structures her classes with exercise circuits that are constantly changing to keep motivation and results high. These exercises focus on body parts that everybody seems to worry about. Don’t be embarrassed to tell her which areas you’d like to target. She gets these requests all the time...

The Human Race. Are you in?


I just signed up to run the Nike+ Human Race in NYC and now I’m going to recruit you!! The race is a 10K (6.2 miles) and takes place on Saturday, October 24th at 8AM in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. If you don’t live in NYC, you can run the Human Race in any of these cities.

Nike+ gear is not required for the Human Race. If you have Nike+, you can track and sync your run on race day to your Nike+ account and compare your results against everyone else running. The registration fee is $20 and $5 from every entry will go directly to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. If you’re getting ready for the NYC marathon in November, this could be a fun practice run and a nice break from Central Park’s training loops.

NYC Human Race info HERE.

Multi-city registration HERE.

Nike+ Human Race home page HERE.

Fitness Gives Fashion A Lift


Skyscraper heels are en vogue this season. They’re sexy as hell but not always the most comfortable. Super-sized heels will crush your toes, strain your Achilles tendon, and overall cause your feet a lot of unnecessary pain. We all know fashion comes at a price…and sometimes that means looking good without feeling great. I’ve definitely strapped on stiletto heels for an evening out that had me limping home by the end of the night. It’s ridiculous what we put our feet through for style. But that’s just how it goes—women love the look of high heels. In the clever article, High Stakes from this September’s Vogue, Elizabeth Weil writes that a tailored fitness regimen could be the answer to surviving this season’s gargantuan heels:

…your best bet is to take a preventive-medicine approach—make your body strong and supple enough to withstand the strain and, as if anyone needs to hear this again, maintain a healthy weight.

The article goes on to...

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