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Muhammad Ali is Irish

Well, sort of. Ali had his Irish heritage uncovered by genealogists in 2002. His trip to Ireland was part of a nine-day tour of Europe to raise money to fight Parkinson’s Disease and for the Ali Center.
I really enjoyed reading this blog post from the Muhammad Ali Center website:
Ali wasn’t just a champion athlete at his prime, he was a teacher and visionary. His anecdotes and famous quotes from boxing can be applied to any challenge we encounter in life. Like this one, from the Ali Center blog.

I am the greatest; I said that even before I knew I was.
- Muhammad Ali

A confident mindset is the mindset of champions. We must believe in ourselves, our skills and dreams. It’s not about hope or luck. It’s about envisioning yourself succeeding. Self doubt is our greatest opponent.



John Codling is running the race of his life, dropping 100 pounds and raising 1 million dollars for Team Continuum—an organization dedicated to the immediate care of cancer victims.

Why is he doing it? He’s determined to live a healthier and longer life so that he can be around to watch his son grow up. 1 million dollars is a huge undertaking and John is already a quarter of the way there. Help him reach his goal and donate now. You can sponsor him by pound or make a one time donation. Your donation helps cancer patients get access to treatment.

Read about how John Codling got too fat:

Donate here:



I.AM.YOU. studio is Little Italy’s latest draw in Manhattan. It’s a yoga studio founded by Princeton graduate, Lauren Imparato, who left her job at Morgan Stanley to evolve the practice of yoga. And boy, has she given it an edge! Lauren teaches her I.AM.YOU. classes in a lofty studio with bricks walls where yoga mats and all the essentials are neatly arranged in rows, incense burns (oh so subtly), modern art hangs from the walls, natural light fills the room and a DJ spins fresh beats. Classes accommodate up to 25 lucky New Yorkers who must reserve their spot with Lauren by email. She personally knows most of her clientele and will have a mat waiting for you even if you’re running late from work.

I.AM.YOU. is yoga at its core, but it’s also a brand that acknowledges New Yorker’s penchant for chaos and culture. Yes, we need to slow down and relax…but that doesn’t mean we have to turn out the lights and cut the volume. It means we seek out people like...

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