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Do you live or exercise in Long Island City, NY?


If so, head to Gantry Park in LIC at 6.30PM TODAY for a full-body conditioning workout led by certified personal trainer, Dan Danieluc. Dan is the very handsome founder of D&D Health & Fitness which boasts a high profile clientele (like Isaac Mizrahi from The Fashion Show). The class is absolutely FREE and begins with a warm-up followed by upper body, lower body, core and abs conditioning. Class ends with a 5 minute cool-down stretching routine and one spectacular view of the New York skyline.

Directions: Take the 7 train to Vernon-Jackson avenue station. Walk down 48th avenue to the river and look for Dan’s group.

For more info on Dan Danieluc and D&D Health & Fitness:

10 reasons NOT to buy the shake weight


It vibrates.

It’s battery operated.

It doesn’t require you to move.

It’s used by women with poor fashion sense.

Dynamic Enertia…seriously?

It’s backed by scientific studies from an unnamed "prestigious" university.

It costs $20 which is $20 more than it’s worth.

You will look ridiculous using it.

You could just as easily repurpose a vibrator.

Michelle Obama does not use it.

I have to admit, I really enjoyed watching this infomercial.

Laughing burns calories!



If you need a place to store your keys, cash, nano, personal ID and whatever else you carry with you when exercising, a wrist pocket is the way to go. Wrist pockets are discreet, accessible and comfortable. The ones I've posted here are the best I’ve found in terms of design and functionality.

The Amphipod Reflective Wrist Pocket (left side, $15) is my favorite because it stays dry during workouts. It’s adjustable to fit a variety of wrist sizes and has reflective highlights for nighttime safety.

The Craft Pro Cool Wristband (right side, $25) is definitely the most stylish wrist pocket I’ve seen. It comes in bright colors and feels soft and comfortable on your arm. The pocket on this wristband is expandable with mesh ventilation. My only issue with it is that it doesn’t stay as dry as the one Amphipod makes. I recommend it for lower intensity workouts

UPDATE: I recently discovered the Adidas Running Wrist Pocket which has a reflective logo and a simple, sleek...

Sotomayor is a Bike Babe

According to the Washington Post (Friends Provide Glimpse Into U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor’s ‘Very Full Life’, by Keith B. Richburg, Robin Shulman and Nancy Trejos):

Sotomayor has lately tried to exercise several times a week at the courthouse gym and has hired a personal trainer at the nearby Equinox gym. She has also become an avid bicyclist, sometimes going up the West Side of Manhattan and cycling back down the East.

So glad to see Justice Sotomayor setting a healthy example for modern day women. Work and exercise go hand-in-hand. Exercise reduces stress and increases productivity. Biking outdoors is great for working the lower body, clearing the mind and in Sotomayor’s case, getting out of the couthouse for some fresh air.

Check out for New York City’s bike lanes and bike paths mapped by borough.

Try this website for a bicycle friendly route from A to B:


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