Medical researchers find that lifting weights is a healthy way to lower blood pressure.  Get acquainted with the free weight section of your gym because it only takes a few low-intensity resistance exercises to steer clear of heart disease. Here’s how it works…

You pick up 2 dumb bells.

You do a set of bicep curls and watch your muscles bulge.

You groan because that means you’re hardcore.

You feel your heart rate and blood pressure rise with each curl.

<Cue CSI Miami forensic zoom technology>

Your blood vessels are expanding.

Your heart is pumping blood at a rate it’s never pumped before.

Stronger by Kanye West comes on…

Your heart is in the zone and your blood pressure is going down.

You reach your arm around you and pat yourself on the back.

Well done!


Turning Cancer into Can

Run the NYC MARATHON and save some lives while you’re at it.

Team Continuum is an amazing charity organization for urban professionals/athletes. I’m a little biased towards them since I’m on the team but I encourage everyone who loves to run to check them out. You can count on fun races and events organized by the team and it’s a great way to meet really cool people who care about helping cancer patients.


Is coffee bad for your workout?


Last night I was having dinner at Focaccia in the West Village with family and friends. My friend, Roberto, who is a very handsome fashion designer with a near perfect physique mentioned that he recently gave up coffee. Everyone at the table gasped. Roberto’s trainer had instructed him to give up coffee in order to maintain the toning results from his workouts. I wondered, does coffee really inhibit muscle tone or is it all the things we pair with our coffee and the quantity we drink throughout the day that makes us less fit. Check out what I found out on coffee and exercise below.

Coffee improves physical performance: many studies have been conducted on athletes across a variety of sports and exercises.

Coffee makes exercising easier: caffeine blocks adenosine, a biochemical involved in energy transfer, which is believed to reduce muscle pain during exercise.

Coffee boosts exercise stamina: a cup of coffee allows you to continue exercising a third...


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