Got Skin Problems? Treat Yourself to Healing Insight from a Woman Who Empowers Me: Nitika Chopra

Psoriasis and eczema SUCK. That's Why Nitika Chopra and I wanted to talk about it. They're skin problems that have challenged our lives and made simple things like going out with friends and hitting the gym both painful and embarrassing. I'm not ashamed of my eczema but when Nitika told me her story and the extent of her psoriasis, I wanted to open up about it more. Because I know we're not the only ones...

WATCH my interview with Nitika Chopra, part of my Women Who Empower series on YouTube, about how to flip your outlook on the tough challenges you've been dealt in life. Nitika's story is truly inspirational.

I'm thrilled to announce that shortly after filming this interview with Nitika, she landed her very own talk show called Naturally Beautiful which will be premiering soon on the Veria Living Network. It was always her dream to be on television and it's amazing that she overcame psoriatic arthritis and other obstacles in her life to make that dream happen. When...

What's Your Favorite Vitamin? I'm Taking a Poll for National Vitamin Day!

Happy National Vitamin Day!

To celebrate, I'm asking all of my fit readers (that's you!) to give their favorite vitamin a shout out. You can scream it out loud or type it in the comments section. My vote is for the latter so that I can respond back. I'm really curious to hear what you love. Right now, I'm loving ZINC, which I actually used to loathe taking because the tablets I bought were gross and hard. I eventually threw the bottle out. There was no point in just letting them sit there.

Now, I can't wait to take my Zinc vitamin in the morning. Wondering what changed? I discovered Nature Made's Zinc in Vitamelts form, which is a small dissolvable tablet that tastes like honey lemon and melts in your mouth like a candy-flavored mint.

That's the family of Vitamelts vitamins (above). They're all great flavors but like I said, Zinc is my favorite. Last week, I wrote a full review on Vitamelts HERE. I might start hoarding them because every time I see them at the...

Stylish, Palatable Vitamins Have Arrived! Sized Perfectly for Your Gym Bag.


Grossness Be Gone!

Y'know that feeling of biting into a chalky vitamin tablet or forcing yourself to swallow a giant capsule filled with who knows what? It's miserable! But now you can spare your taste buds from this ruthless vita-massacre with Nature Made's NEW VITAMELTS. I flew to Southern California to taste-test and make sure they'd melt in my mouth, and let me tell you, my taste buds got their mojo back! If you're a fit lady on-the-go, you're gonna want to know about Vitamelts.

So that's a Vitamelt you see above, held by a scientist at Nature Made's lab and packaging facility that I visited in Valencia, California. Yeah, I actually got to roam the halls of Nature Made and see how they create, test and perfect their vitamin lines for their global consumers. It was pretty cool for me to see this side of the vitamin world because as a vitamin-taker what I previously knew about vitamins was limited to things I'd read in magazines, health tutorials, on...

Being Thankful Post-Thanksgiving is Possible! Tips to Maintain Your Grateful Vibe.

I hate to see Thanksgiving pass because it's my favorite holiday.

Thanksgiving week helps me reflect on what I have and don't have in my life. There was a time I only yearned for what I did not have...for a future full of amazing things that would make my life better. I've since learned, the future is now and the only thing that makes my life better is filling it with love. Take a look at the moments for which I'm eternally thankful and my tips for maintaining a grateful vibe post-thanksgiving.

Don't forget!

After viewing my thankful moments, please take a second to tell me about one of yours in the comments section at the way bottom. I'll pick a winner for a very nice winter fitness prize. More than anything, I like to hear your stories of gratitude because YOU (my readers) are my inspiration.

The Moments For Which There Aren't Enough Thank You's

So thankful for: My good friend Megan Hutt who rushed to my side to help me set up for a Thanksgiving-Fitness...

My Skintastic Secrets for Safely Soakin' Up Sun. Plus a Giveaway!

I love exercising outside but I hate getting too much sun. I have this fear of turning into a wrinkly raisin-face or worse yet, the New Jersey Tanning Mom!!!

I'd rather take excellent care of my skin now than regret it later (even it if means not having the best tan or hiding under my floppy beach hat on a good hair day). The way I see it, if I'm going to be a cougar on the prowl when I'm older (I've been single this long so who knows), I'd like to be one that wags (or curls?) tails. Wouldn't you?

But here's the deal, you don't have to run for the shade like a Debbie Downer. There are ways to safely work out and lay out in the sun without scorching your skin.



1. Whether you're working out or laying out, don't spend more than 1 continuous hour in direct sunlight.

I know I sound like an over-protective mom right now but seriously 1-hour is plenty, especially during the summer! And if you feel like...

How Madonna Teaches Us To Be Strong & Radiant: 3 Madonna-Inspired Mantras!


She didn't rise to the top on luck alone, ladies. When she's not dissing on Lady Gaga, she's dishing wisdom on Anderson Cooper's show. Here are the clips that made me stop, think and praise her for the queen that she is. I translated them into mantras for you that you can say to yourself while you work out.


1. Live With Passion & Devotion

"Put your boxing gloves on."  --Madonna


2. Find Balance. Don't Overdo Fitness, Just Fit It In.

"I don't work out as much as I used to." --Madonna


3. Sleep More. Live For Today. Celebrate Your Accomplishments.

"I wanted to write and direct a film for a very long time...and I just accomplished that." --Madonna


She may come off rather b*tchy sometimes but you've got to hand it to her for staying so STRONG & RADIANT throughout her life and career. In my opinion, there's nothing wrong with being tough...


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