Are You a Fitness Lover Who Can’t Sleep? Join the Club Because I'm an Insomniac.


Exercising frequently mixed with sleepless nights is not a good combo. To perform your best athletically and get the best results physically, you need sleep. I’ve been struggling with this problem for years because I’m what they call an insomniac. I hate the word because it sounds criminal, but what I’ve learned is that not sleeping is a crime against the body especially if you work out. For years I've been telling people the value of sleep without getting the full experiencing myself. I'm not proud of it but I'm working on getting better with the 8 tips in this article. And the pic you see above is proof!

I'm taking baby steps because just like nicotine or hard drugs, my insomnia is hard to let go of. I've become addicted to staying up all hours of the night and I've somehow learned to function on only 4 hours of sleep. Everyone has a story, mine starts with a father who used to stay up late watching TV. I think I emulated this behavior but...

Detox Mixologists Come Clean. Read about it on MizzFIT's Celebrity Sweat!


To read the interview click the link below:

Celebrity Sweat Interview with Zoe Sakoutis and Erica Huss, founders of the famous BluePrintCleanse

If you've tried BluePrintCleanse please share your experience in the comments section below. I'd love to hear why you tried it and what you got out of it. Let's get a conversation going for newbies who are considering this detox option. Plus, I always like reading your some of you know I'm a juice-lover and have tried many a cleanse. There are some that I dig and some that I don't. I sincerely think they're all VERY DIFFERENT.


Sunscreen Made Easy For Women Who Prance In The Sun



Sunscreen lotion has a tendency to rub me the wrong way. Like the time I used sunscreen made with hemp seed oil (I won't name names). Just imagine Casper the friendly ghost in a bikini.

That was me! It was anything but sexy. It literally rubbed on white and then wouldn't wash off. But thanks to all the amazing RUB FREE UPF/SPF fitness products below, you don't have to look like an idiot. You can protect yourself from the sun in style while exercising outdoors. Let's check out my favorite ways to do this, and don't forget to enter my Plus Size Sun Protection Giveaway at the very bottom of this post.



C9 by Champion is at the top of my list. Why? Because for the quality and amazing color options it's by far the best deal. AND it's available at my favorite store of all time--TARGET! Does anyone else get a mini orgasm walking into Target? Maybe it's just me. Anyway, what I...

How to Clean Out, Drink Up and Stay Active on a Juice Cleanse That's Right For You


My juicy video hits the web!

I've been overloaded and traveling, which explains why this video has found it's way online and to Facebook before making it's debut here. But better late than never! Please enjoy Gym 'N Juice, a collaboration with my friend, Holistic Health Coach Robyn Youkilis. It's 10 minutes of juice cleansing knowledge--everything you need to know before you dive in deep. We tried to answer all the important questions and clarify that there are different levels of "juicing"...and just because the co-worker on your left sips on Organic Avenue doesn't mean you're gonna dig it. You've got to find what works by thinking about what you like, not necessarily what you can tolerate. If you like it, you won't cheat!


Link to the power players:

Gym 'N Juice features my favorite juice cleanses and tells you how to effectively go on a cleanse while maintaining an exercise routine. Watch the video and then check out the juice cleanse companies...

Hip To Fitness But Not Food? Pioneer of Haute Health, Robyn Youkilis, Will Change That!


Meet haute health pioneer, Robyn Youkilis:

She's a Holistic Health Coach and her company is called Your Healthiest You. Robyn doesn't just tell you how to eat, she shows you how and teaches you why ingredients matter. She's helping me become more health food conscious and can do the same for you by demystifying superfoods, juices and crazy looking things that taste amazing! The truth? Fitness is lackluster without energy boosting nutrients and most of us are not eating right to support our workouts.

Robyn got her start through a love of cooking and exploring local farmers markets. She studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and now helps her clients enhance their lives with energy, stamina, safe weight-loss and glowing skin. Oh yeah, and happiness! Robyn believes healthy eating is a balance of smart nutrition and a self-examined lifestyle. She injects fashion & trends into food coaching to make it exciting, one of the many reasons why I love...


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