Music Steps Out From the Background. Becomes a Workout Partner to Fitness!

Whether it's at Revolve NYC where spin instructors and an in-house DJ play better music than dance clubs OR with Lil Jon's latest collaboration with the Zumba franchise OR through singer Ellie Goulding's love for and fitness are turning out to be the best of workout buddies and business partners. The proof is in these 3 stories...


Revolve NYC was just voted Best Spin Studio of 2013 by New York Magazine and I know it has a lot to do with their music (and of course their amazing spin instructors!). I spoke to Christianne Phillips, the Senior Master Spin Instructor who is also a DJ, about music and the secret to Revolve's success. I asked her why she thinks more and more people are hearing and learning about new music in fitness classes. Christianne thinks that healthy minded people don't want to be up in a lounge, drunk and dancing their asses off at 2AM.

She says: "Having a commitment to fitness...

Musique Debuts on YouTube! Let's Celebrate with a Girl Power Soundtrack!

Hi Musique Readers,

I'm so excited to share my YouTube debut with you. It's a quick clip of me talking about my inspiration for Musique on and highlighting what you can expect to see on my page.

Also, did you listen to my guest appearance on The MizzFIT Empower Hour last Sunday?  If you haven't listened to the program yet, I co-hosted a discussion with Bianca Jade/MizzFIT and Angie Lee (Personal and Group Fitness Trainer and a Level 1 Krav Panim el Panim combatives instructor) about the Oscar Pistorius case including great tips for female self defense and empowerment. 

I put together a Girl Power playlist to celebrate our strength and power as women and to give you more motivation to tap into your inner strength at the gym and everywhere else.  Click here to stream it on Spotify or check it out below:

Got a killer song to add to this Girl Power Mix?

Leave it in the comments...

POUND the Calories Off! A Drummer's Workout for Wannabe Rock Girls and Music Lovers.

I marvel at the physically challenging nature of drumming.

Phil Collins circa 1980's was my first drummer crush of many. (Just for reference, here's an epic 1982 video of him performing In The Air Tonight). And since then, drumming was always something I was dying to try, so I was thrilled to learn about the POUND workout, created by 2 drumming girls out of Los Angeles. Their names are Kirsten Potenza and Cristina Perenboom. It's because of them that this girl's dreams of drumming like a rock star came true.

Below you'll find my POUND review ('cause it's a fitness class offered at Crunch Gyms), you'll meet the POUND girls, and you'll see how a professional drummer (who's a dude) reacts to this musically inspired workout. His name is Pete Kaufman and he's not a groupie gym-girl but that's exactly why his opinion intrigued me!

POUND and the girls who masterminded it.

I got to speak to Kirsten Potenza and Cristina Perenboom...

Let's (NOT) Get Physical: Advice & Music to Get You Through Injury Recovery

I'm writing this as I sit on the stationary bike at the gym listening to my Zen-out playlist. Under my breathe I'm repeating my mantra "be patient be patient be patient". You guessed it: I'm injured! It comes with the territory of frequent exercises and running but it's always such a challenge to stay patient and fully heal. 

I've been running and working out since I was 14 years old. I've coped with injuries due to my athletic and active lifestyle but for the most part I've been lucky. However, whenever I get an injury one of the hardest parts of the recovery process is staying just as disciplined with healing as I do with working out. I often get off the wagon too soon and reinjure myself. I find that it is important to have a support team and good music to see you through your injury. I like to make myself playlists with songs that force me to slow down and stretch while also motivating me to look forward to full recovery and making my comeback!...

Top 5 Albums To Rev Up Your Winter Fitness Routine + FREE Download

Working out in the winter is rough, especially if you live in a colder winter climate. It's so hard to get yourself outside for a run let alone to the gym!

Good news Musique on MizzFIT readers: I picked my TOP 5 FAVE ALBUMS (+ one BONUS album that's you can download for FREE) that I've been listening to on my workouts lately.

Read on, add them to your iPod + get out there!


#1.  AC/DC, "AC/DC Live"

This is an epic classic rock album. It's always awesome to work out to AC/DC. When you work out to a live AC/DC album you can pretend that the crowd isn't just roaring for the band but also cheering you on through your fitness routine.  If you feel like working in a little air guitar while hitting up the elliptical listening to Thunderstruck, just see it as a little extra arm workout.

AND...this is my new fave workout-and-go-anywhere bag from Electric Yoga that has also been thunderstruck.


#2.  Cyndi Lauper,...

Heart Beats for Your Valentine's Day

Happy almost Valentine's Day! Whether you're spending the day with your lover, looking for a new lover or you're totally over love...this mix goes out to you! 

You can stream my VDAY MIX on Spotify here! Or just click the playlist image below.

So now you have no excuses because this mix will get you motivated to hit up the gym with your lover, to sneak in a quick gym trip before your hot date or it will help you ignore the day all together with a kick butt workout.

Here's the sports bra that I'll be rocking on Valentine's Day. Gotta LOVE a good sweat.

What song would YOU add to this VDAY Playlist?

Let me know your favorite love or anti-love song in the comments section below. And tell me what your plans are for VDAY and if they involve a lil sweat...



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