SoulCycle's Kym Perfetto Proves That You Can Pursue TWO Dreams At Once

(Photo courtesy of Deneka Peniston)

I recently attended Nike Women's NTC event where Kym Perfetto (with Lacey Stone and Deanna Jeffereson) led a group of over 200 women in a kick butt workout class. All this epic fitness magic transpired on the court where the Brooklyn Nets play. As I watched Kym Perfetto rock out the workout (and even run through the crowd making sure no one cheated on their push-ups), I was mesmerized by her outgoing stage presence. 

Kym Perfetto is used to being stage center, whether it's at SoulCycle teaching her classes or performing for her band, No Way Josie (whose album Freakness just dropped and it's amazing). Kym is a natural in the spotlight but how on earth does she do it all, especially for 2 careers that don't have much overlap? Kym gives me the answers to the success behind her double life of spin star/rock star.



Kym landed in NYC with the classic dream of becoming an...

Get Your Workout Party Started With This Playlist

Are you planning your next big Girls Night Out?

Craving a gathering that doesn't end with a raging headache the next morning? Search no further! Spa Workout Parties are totally trending for a reason: they're the perfect way to spend quality time with your clique while waking up the next AM feeling totally energized.

Bianca Jade, founder of MizzFIT, hosted the perfect Sweaty Saturday Birthday Party at Exhale Spa at the Gansevoort Hotel in NYC.  She invited Team MizzFIT and 25 of her besties to get sweaty in instructor Rachel Nicks's Core Fusion class.

This is me, stretching and posing for the camera of course (in my new Lululemon Run Crops with the gorge pattern called "spring has sprung"), right before class started:

Here's a shot of the action from class:

Core Fusion is great for toning and building lean muscle. Find out more about it HERE.

After we got our sweat on in class, Bianca treated us to some delicious sushi and snacks from TOY...

Not Your Typical Hard Partying DJ: Lindsay Luv Spins Fitness & Health And Doesn't Miss A Beat

DJ Lindsay Luv defies the usual stereotype of the late night, hard partying DJ by...(wait for it) a super healthy lifestyle. Surprised? I was. Most DJ's spin hard and play hard with little concern for tone and burn. But DJ Lindsay Luv doesn't miss a beat or a workout. She's famously known for being a  DJ to the stars and has been dubbed "Turntable Goddess" by Victoria's Secret where you can hear her music playing at all the big events including the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

I was lusting for an interview and what I found when I contacted her was that Lindsay was as ecstatic to talk about her fitness lifestyle as she was her musical work. How cool is that?  Check out my interview with DJ Lindsay Luv below, with links to her latest workout mixes featured at Lucille Roberts gyms.

Lindsay, you're seriously crushing the DJ scene. How did you get into DJing and what did you do before this?

DJ Lindsay Luv: My background was...

Remember When...Gwen Stefani Showed Us That Girls Doing Push-Ups Was Cool?

Remember when Gwen Stefani busted out push-ups, like up above?

And checkout this push-up competition between Gwen and a fan on stage during one of her concerts!

What's so inspiring is that she's kept it up all these years: 18 years later!

(Photo courtesy of Getty Images (source)

If you need to spruce up your push-up routine, here's a move from FitSugar that I love to make your basic push-up even harder. Just grab a resistance band!

What's your favorite kind of push-up?

Tell me in the comments section below!


Need Workout Music? The Jane Doze Will Mix Some Up For You! Totally FREE downloads!!!


I'm completely addicted to working out to The Jane Doze.

I dare you to walk down the street or hit up your workout without feeling super energized when listening to their music. You've got to find out about these girls (The Jane Doze = Jen + Claire) because their mashup mixes will kick your workout into high gear. Plus I know you're getting tired of listening to that same mix you've had on your iphone forever.

Since their 2 years of getting together, The Jane Doze are on fire. They've had over 3.8 million YouTube/Vimeo views and over 1.4 million Soundcloud listens. Their first mix tape Girls Talk had 400,000 streams and 60,000 downloads. Lots of big numbers for just a couple of years on the scene.



My exclusive interview with the "Janes" (really Jen and Claire) about their music, style and FITNESS!


Sari Beth: I'm obsessed with your...

It's My Birthday...and I'll Run If I Want To!

Today is my birthday. Every year I make myself a running mix and run as many minutes as I've been alive. I'm kind of dreading when I turn like 100 :)

So here's my awesome playlist. You can stream it on Spotify here! Or just click the playlist image below.

Also, here's my bday running outfit. Thanks Mom + Dad! Way to coordinate EVERY piece of sportswear in this outfit. Just kidding, this is the best birthday gift ever!

What are your birthday fitness/fashion/music rituals? Tell me in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!



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