Style Your Fit Look Like A Pop / R&B Singer. Sabi Breaks It Down.


You've heard Sabi's catchy vocals on hit songs with Cobra Starship and Britney Spears

In case you need a recap, here ya go:

Cobra Starship You Make Me Feel...

Britney Spears (Drop Dead) Beautiful

Now Sabi is taking center stage recording her debut album for Warner Brothers. With her already released tracks like Champagne and Where They Do That At (featuring Wale) as well as the song she recorded with Diplo, Barely Standing, Sabi shows that she's not just another pretty pop star. Although she IS, indeed, very pretty.

These songs have some major urban swagger and a raw edge reflecting Sabi's love for alternative rock and urban music...and these club bangers are perfect for pumping up your next gym playlist. Sabi stepped out of the studio to share some of her inspiring style and hot music tips for working out. 


** My interview with the fitness-loving-songtress, Sabi, below! **

ME:  Epic fitness fashion...

Skiing, Music & Sustainable Style. Tips to Rock the Slopes + A Soul Poles Giveaway!

Add more style + cool tunes to your winter workout!

You have no excuse to wait until warmer days to kickstart your workout. Why? Because I'm about to tell you how to spark your ski-style with some very luxe gear! Bamboo ski poles and a silky headphone-headband might not be your typical ski attire but we're totally loving them here at MizzFIT! And the best part is that we're giving one of these luxe items away! All you have to do is Follow me on Facebook and leave a comment on this article (keep reading for details). I promise you it's worth it!


After checking out these gorgeous ski poles that were featured in Vogue Magazine, I was excited to talk to Bryon Friedman, the founder and owner of Soul Poles. His philosophy is that skiing is soulful and should be expressed in all aspects of your experience including your ski poles. He decided to create these stylish, high performance ski poles out of bamboo and recycled materials after witnessing during...

11 Songs for a Fit & Healthy Farewell to 2011

I'm calling it Goodbye 2011 because as one year ends an even better one gets ushered in. I know you're with me on this one!

PLEASE BEWARE! This is an unconventional workout mix but I quite like it because it starts with Ludo (I went to highschool with frontman, Andrew Volpe) and ends with my new-found musical crush, Michael Kiwanuka. My puggles and I are listening to the mix right now as we prepare to go out for an evening run.


*Hit the pink "MizzFIT Playlist" button for the mix I made for ya!*

You can also find my Goodbye 2011 workout mix ---> RIGHT HERE

Do your dogs (if you have any) like to chill out to music? What kind? Let me know if you and your furballs approve of the mix.

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND - from me, Shorty & Leroy!


Music to Move Your Caboose


Check out my latest workout mix and shake that booty until it's firm and yum yum. Just click the pink MizzFIT Playlist button below and you'll be beamed over to my page of musical wonders.

I'm also featuring Natasha Linton's bumpin' Peak20 Workout Playlist and it's FREE! Just go to my music page RIGHT HERE  and look for the PEAK20 album. Natasha, a kick-ass NYC based trainer, created the PEAK20 Workout to tone you up in a mere 20 minutes. Not a bad gig for ladies with a busy schedule. 20 minutes is totally do-able and excuse-free, so make sure to check out PEAK20 classes.

I'd love to know what music puts you in the zone. Please share your favorite albums/artists below and enlighten me with good stuff that I've never heard of before. And please, make sure it's upbeat. I love Sade, just not on my workout mix. So hook a sister up with something fast and peppy. Thank you!

It's Workout Mix Wednesday!


If you're in need of a new workout mix, I've got it for you! Just click on the pink MizzFIT Playlist button when you arrive HERE.

I've also listed a bunch of my favorite albums to help set the pace and mood for a range of workouts (from Pilates to high impact).

Check out Girl Talk's newest All Day album and download it for FREE! It's a great one for cardio and machine workouts. You can never go wrong with Girl Talk, in my opinion.

As always, feel free to share your music taste and requests in the comments section below. If you make share-able mash-ups, send them along and I will post them for all our music-loving fitness friends.

Happy Workout Mix Wednesday! Get your fitness beats HERE

Muscle Up With The Marz Attax Mash-Up Mix


This workout mix fell into my lap today and I'm so excited to share it with you. It's called Marz Attax and it's the work of DJ MZ from NYC. The good news is that he's giving it away for FREE! And I don't mean "free" like it's bad. I mean "free" like it's good sh*t that will inspire you to get your sweat on. I have no doubt it will help take your workout to the next level.


If you like Marz Attax, please leave a comment below for DJ MZ with your thoughts/compliments/whatever. He appreciates your feedback.

Music is often the little push we need to get our limbs moving and our butts to the gym (or wherever you like to work out). I love how a fresh new mix gets me to pick up my pace and distracts me from unimportant side thoughts. Consider switching up your playlist as often as you can in order to focus on your workout, free your mind and find your zone. Set the mood for your best performance.

Enjoy the mix!


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