Pickup Your Routine By Embracing YOLO! 5 Tips To Boost Your Healthy Lifestyle.


You only live once (YOLO). It's a powerful concept that can make you do some pretty crazy things (brace yourself), like be more spontaneous, adventurous and fulfilled. I needed a little YOLO in my life, in terms of fitness, romance and learning a new thing or 2. How about you? When's the last time you put yourself outside your comfort zone? Here's how I did it, with some fitness fashion thrown in...



The Dodge Ram you see below (in desperate need of a car wash) lives in Saint Louis, Missouri with my family. I happen to be visiting there right now. This truck used to drive me crazy. It's way too big for me. Drives like a boat. It's definitely NOT my style. And it makes backing out of a parking spot in just about any parking lot nearly impossible. But what the heck, YOLO!!!

When I pull up to a yoga studio or when my Saint Louis friends see me driving by, the reaction is fantastic. I'm not-a-big-person driving a...

Fit Ladies, Good Deeds! These Women Deserve Medals for their Philanthropic Moves.


THe article is still in the works. But basically I plan to feature 4 to 5 women in fitness (entrepreneurs like you and I) who each disclose their charity affiliation and why that charity means something to them. I'm going to start the article off talking about Degregorio Foundation (the charity I'm running for) and then intro all the women, the companies they own, what they're known for (like if a product, event or something else helped establish them), what their charity is and why that charity is meaningful to them.



"And I've also supported the Center for Anti-Violence Education in Brooklyn for many years. They have karate and self-defense training programs for women, transpeople, and children, many of whom have had terrible experiences in their lives that brought them there. "

BOL is a charity that Well+Good has supported, most concretely with a...

Stylish Wellness Gifts for Family & Friends, Plus My Hoop-larious Performance on CBS!

Why give the gift of Fitness & Wellness this holiday season?

Because December is one of the best times to get inspired and motivated for better health. First of all, January is right around the corner along with all your resolutions that you may or may not make until the very last minute. 2nd, December marks the month of persuasion. Convince someone you love (or just like a lot) to feel better, look better and MOVE MORE by forcing them to unwrap a gift that will jump start their journey. They won't complain as long as it's stylish.

Check out the fit gifts I featured on CBS's "Live From The Couch" show in the video above. I love taking fitness on television, including all the amazing fit companies whose products I'm so in love with. I usually don't get too nervous in front of the camera but CBS's Live From The Couch show is craaaaazy! Lotsa cameras, lotsa lights and lotsa of hurried ACTION! 

But talking about fitness trends is what I do best. It gives me...

My Body Got Tutored In Food & Fitness Online


MyBodyTutor - What's the point?

My friend Dan from Cornell University's Food Lab emailed me about MyBodyTutor.com because he knows I'm a proponent of mindful eating over fad dieting. His email came at the perfect time because my Swedish Fish addiction was spinning out of control.

MyBodyTutor is an online wellness service that keeps you on track with your food and fitness goals. All you need is a computer and no more than 10 minutes a day to log-in to your account and tell your personal tutor about what you ate and how you exercised that day. If you've never exercised before, your tutor will help you with a plan of action. Your tutor is a real person; a professional trainer, nutritionist or life coach. He/she gets to know your health status and goals and then provides feedback on your daily reports. Tutors bring bad habits to your attention and suggest food and exercise modifications. You're asked to set daily goals (because it's too easy to flake-out on long-term...

Need a Boost?

Cinnamon spice helps boost energy, promote awareness and regulate blood sugar. If you consistently experience the afternoon slump, you may benefit from adding cinnamon to your diet (in stick, ground powder or capsule form). It’s hard to motivate when you’re feeling lethargic, especially when it comes to exercise. If you’re missing workouts or bailing on the gym, consider cinnamon supplements as a natural way to increase your energy. I like to sprinkle it into water, coffee, tea and oatmeal. It’s easy to get creative with this spice. Cinnamon protein shake, anyone?

Check this link for more info on cinnamon:



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