It's Easy Being Green In Workout Clothes. The Frog Is Wrong.



America's favorite frog once said, "It ain't easy being green." If only poor Kermit could see how times have changed. When it comes to eco-friendly fitness apparel and accessories, there are so many options and different styles to choose from. Going green for fitness couldn’t be easier.

When Well To Do, a planet-friendly-promoting lifestyle blog, asked me to share my top eco-fitness-couture picks with their readers, I was thrilled and began my hunt for the greenest of green fitness trends. Check out my favorites below and consider jumping on the green bandwagon. I mean, why the heck not? It's not like you have to compromise on style. Plus, these apparel and accessory items don't cost that much more (and in some cases even less) than non-green items. It's good to be conscientious. We do it with the food we put in our bodies. Why not do it with the clothes we put on our backs? At the very least, do it for Kermy. Do that scrawny frog...

The Crème de la Crème of Treadmills Has Arrived

- This is a guest post by Nicole Bonilla -

What happens when an iPad flirts with a treadmill and one thing leads to another? Thanks to Technogym, we have the answer.

Meet Run Personal, one of the latest releases from the world leader in designer fitness equipment (aka Technogym). With a 19” touch-screen display, internet access, and a sleek design that would make any modern interior designer drool, the Run Personal is one of the most hi-tech, beautiful… and most expensive treadmills on the market. With a price tag of $8,995, it's not for the faint-of-wallet. Let's examine why you may be in the market for one and why it's so pricey...

In short, this treadmill is absolutely perfect for people who multitask for a living (and really, who doesn’t?). Maybe you’re the type to constantly check your email. Maybe you love browsing online and your boss won’t let you do it at work. Or maybe you just don’t want to leave your Facebook friends waiting. No worries. The Run...

5 Reasons Why A Roller Girl Is A Fit Girl

- This is a guest post by Erica Chapman -


This weekend, I went roller skating as part of a “girls night” with some friends. We giggled as we got dressed in multi-colored tights and gold hotpants, and outright belly-laughed as we each took turns hitting the floor in glorious, flailing spills. But as we all exchanged text messages the next day about various sore body parts, it became clear—roller skating is a WORKOUT!  And that’s why, below, I give you 5 reasons for why a roller girl is a fit girl.

1. Roller girls have great gams

Between constantly pushing off the ground and lifting up that several-pound skate over and over, you're in for some serious quad-fatigue. Since you’ll be carving out strong stems, show 'em off in fun, dual-colored tights like these from American Apparel.

2. Roller girls get a sculpted booty

Here’s where some talent could come in handy for symmetrical toning: since I can only (barely) skate forwards, I got a...

Kangoo Jump Classes in NYC with Mario Green Will Get You in Killer Shape - It Worked for Me!


Here's the deal...

You put on funny looking boots which are really quite awesome because they make you bounce. Then you follow my friend Mario's lead through creative choreography set to pop music. If you're looking to shave off a few pounds and have a blast, this workout is for you! Check out the Dailycandy Deal below to experience Kangoo Jumping with the man who brought the trend to America.

Seriously people, before Mario Green (also known as Mario The Trainer), Kangoo was a European oddity. Mario's classes are so much fun that you'll forget how silly the boots look and start taking pics in public, like we did yesterday. I've gotta say, we kind of loved the attention which provoked a few innocent bystanders to sign up for Mario's class. You should too!

For everything you need to know about Kangoo Classes & Mario, click the link below:

Four Kangoo Hip Hop Dance Classes or a Private 45-Minute Training Session for $40 (an $80 value)

Mario's a...

Kat DeLuna Sculpts From The Inside Out

It's not often you hear a 22-year-old so excited about fitness & health that she trips over her words when describing her workout routine. That's what makes Kat DeLuna, hip hop singer-songwriter, my new fitness crush. She's determined to live a healthy lifestyle and get fit for 2011 by taking personal inventory, not just counting calories.

Check out my interview below with Kat, who I'll be styling for Despierta America on Univision next week.

Singer Kat DeLuna On Keeping Fit - By MizzFIT/Bianca Jade for Fox News Latino | Published January 07, 2011

Dominican Singer/Songwriter/Dancer Kat DeLuna knows that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a tight body. At 22, the “Whine Up” star has a passionate approach to fitness that begins with taking personal inventory.

“First, you have to figure out what makes you uncomfortable about your body, then find an activity you love and make it your healthy obsession,”...

Peek Inside My Closet With Time Out New York


Time Out New York features yours truly as their closet case study!

Bianca Jade - The fitness-fashion blogger reveals her chic workout wardrobe

It's also the first time my name is divulged here on But don't get any ideas! MizzFIT sticks!

Pick up Time Out New York's January issue or CLICK HERE to read the article online, and check out what I actually wear to work out along with fitness-shopping recommendations.

Much thanks to Time Out New York and the beautiful Shana Scala for always keeping me in check.




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