Is Your Fitness Wardrobe Too Embarrassing For The Gym? Time For A Makeover!



Meet Shana. She's a New York City based publicist who's ALWAYS on the move. Her days are packed with client meetings, media events, launch parties, and cabs from downtown to midtown and back. Shana's a busy, career-loving kind of girl, but she's looking to make more time for the gym and would like to feel confident kick-starting a new routine. That's where I come in! In this video I give Shana an emergency fitness fashion makeover that has her feeling confident and excited for gym time.

I love both looks on Shana but the outfit with the silver jacket and matching hair tie from Gap Body is my personal favorite. Shana ultimately decided to go with the NYC inspired look which she felt most comfortable in--smart girl! Comfort is key. Shana looked great during our Tonique workout from start to finish. If you have questions about the fitness couture featured in this video, just give me a shout.

Don't forget to check out Tonique Fitness. Sylwia's killer...

Fitness Fashion Wraps Well. Check Out My Fashionably Fit Gift Guide on!


Help your loved ones survive the holi-daze and commit to healthy New Year’s resolutions with cute and stylish gifts that inspire gym-time. Getting into the workout groove doesn’t have to be a bore, so let your love of fashion lead the way.


Every gift item listed in this guide is creative, confidence boosting and less than $100. Reconsider that lipstick or perfume purchase and give the gift of fitness fashion & health this year. It truly does a mind and body good!

And just because you can never have too much fun, I've added 3 more items to my holiday gifting recommendations. Take a peak at these... The rollerskates are over $100 but gosh darn it, they're hella fun!

Moxy Ivy Rollerskates -, $199

Henri Bendel Ping Pong Set - Henri, $48

Pussycat Dolls Workout DVD -, $8.99



Be sure...

Reinvent & Reshape Yourself With A New Fit Look for 2011

2011 is just around the corner and it's time to start jotting down or at least thinking about your New Year's resolutions. How are you going to change for the better? How are you going to look and feel healthier? Fitness is an obvious choice but it's hard to motivate in the dead of winter. So what's a girl to do? Reinvent yourself to reshape yourself. Pull a Madonna and change things up, from your look to your routine. Here's how I did it.

Get creative (with layers or colors)

Mix Loose with tight

Make Sure it's Comfortable

Add Unique pieces

Talk about outfit for photo shoot. Start talking about designing your own pieces and personalizing your workout routine.


When it comes to fitness you have to 1) invest in yourself, 2) inspire yourself and 3) challenge yourself.  makes you want to work out hard and more often




Luxury Yoga Singlet - Oscar Mimosa,...

6 Reasons To Self-Torture With Boot Camp, Where To Find It & How To Style Up For It

This article was co-written by fitness buds MizzFIT & Jo Anne Keck


Boot camp workouts are back and gaining momentum with fitness-oriented women across the country. We're talking torture here...the kind that robs you of an extra hour of sleep, gets you yelled at, pierces your ears with short, sharp whistle-blowing and makes you cry every time you hear the word "push-up". So what's the draw and why are women getting so into it? Find out below...



You'll get your workout out of the way and feel energized all day long. When you exercise first thing in the morning you don't have to exercise after work or at night! You can even go out and enjoy yourself, guilt-free! Imagine that! Plus your body will feel firm and toned. That's a nice confidence booster!

You'll get a huge calorie burn that continues post-workout. I can't give you an exact number but many fitness magazines estimate up to 600 calories...

How To Run A Marathon With Style & Grace


I'm a marathoner, as you can see from the photo above. I love to run more than anything but 26.2 miles is grueling and can turn a lady savage. When you're running with a herd of marathoners in the tens of thousands (like the ING New York City Marathon), don't let your manners or zen mind fall by the wayside. Instead, race with class and finish strong by following the 30 tips listed below.

30 Easy Tips For Running A Marathon With Style & Grace

Connect with spirit and emotion to the city you're running in. If you plan to run the ING NYC Marathon, sing Frank Sinatra's New York, New York at the top of your lungs when it plays over loudspeakers near the start line. Don't be embarrassed, let loose and just go with it.

Don't push others in your race corral before the start of the race. Yes, it's crowded and you're anxious to start...but what's the rush? You'll be running for a couple of hours anyway.

Smile and be kind to international runners....

Fly Through Your Workout In Style With Trapeze



Notice that I'm wearing a safety harness attached to safety lines. There's also a huge foam mat beneath me that you can't see in the pic. I was 100% secure at all times and falling is actually more graceful (and fun) than you'd think.


I had so much fun working on this video which couldn't have been possible without Espana STREB Trapeze Academy's team of experts. They're brilliant and made learning trapeze skills less scary than I thought. When you're up high on that platform, your mind tells you no, No, NO but STREB's trapeze instructors empower you with affirmations of yes, Yes YES and before you know it, you're soaring! It's a special place where classes are small and friendly; a Williamsburg, Brooklyn gem. For more information contact Bobby Hedglin-Taylor at (718) 384-6491 or visit


Clearly you don't need sneakers during flying trapeze class, but you do need a...


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