Newly Opened Bari Studio In NYC Says It Will Pick Its Own Members


A fitness studio called Bari opened up not too long ago in the Tribeca neighborhood of NYC and its quickly setting itself apart from the competition (of which there's a lot lately) by selecting it's own members by invitation only. I'm not sure what to think about this. I mean, I get the concept which is admittedly intriguing, and of course, Manhattan folk love their exclusive venues. But, will a members only barre studio really fly? Will female fitness fanatics go for this? I don't have the answer yet, and I'm wondering what all of you think. My immediate reaction can be summed up in the 2 stories below.


2 Sad Stories

When I was in grade school I had a few girlfriends that I considered my best friends in the universe. They planned a sleepover party one weekend that I wasn't invited to. I'll never forget, I cried myself to sleep that Saturday night while they probably stayed up late playing Ouija Board.

In college I had a group of best...

Top 10 Most Lovable Things About Yoga-ing

Tom Holland said "yoga won't make you skinny" on The Joy Behar Show. Well, that's easy to say if your mat is full of dust, Tom! I think yoga is one of the best core workouts and it keeps me from having to do crunches day after day. If you power up your yoga practice with a fast moving flow and a touch of strength training, you will indeed drop pounds. It all depends on your approach and intensity. So I'm going to say that Tom Holland is WRONG. Whether you're a fan or on the fence, check out my TOP 10 reasons to love yoga paired with stylish trends for summer.



#1. Yoga is about listening first.

Beautiful poses and a smooth yoga flow don't happen overnight. But you'll get there, building up the courage for handstands and more by listening to your teacher's guidance, your breadth and your heart. You can even listen to your yoga mat! The Audio Yoga Mat from Gaiam ($39.98) talks or sings to you with a built-in...

Creepy Energy Tonic is Tasty and Can Boost Your Energy Level for Workouts


I'm going to be totally honest...I wasn't brave enough to try this product myself.

I was terrified. I mean, just look at it. It's weird science if I've ever seen it. The eerie concoction is called Met-Rx Amplified Energy Shot. With a name like that and packaging that reminds me of my last blood donation, it's a wonder why this product hasn't gone big time. So instead of risking death, I offered the opportunity to sample this energy shot to followers on my MizzFIT Facebook Page and actually had a taker. I was relieved to hear she survived after drinking the energy potion which she claims really works.

Before you rush out to buy every last test tube (although I'm skeptical that you will) please keep in mind that it's strongly caffeinated and there are other, more natural ways to boost your energy before a workout. For example, check out this Healthy Energy Snacks Video that I made. However, I know a lot of you like energy drinks and prefer something quick and...

Breathing Beauty Into CrossFit


I've never considered Crossfit a fun or fashionable workout. But I know many of you love the exercise and results that Crossfit delivers so definitely check out "Breathe" directed by my good friend, Paul Schneider. This short film has renewed my interest in Crossfit and I'm rising to the challenge of trying it again...burpees and all! Maybe I can bring some MizzFIT style to the workout. What do you think?

When I asked Paul about his inspiration for making Breathe, here's what he had to say:

I wanted to make a piece that truly captured Crossfit (and exercise in general) with the intensity and intimacy that I had felt but rarely seen. Folks see themselves in this. Its personal and a little raw. Real people in peak form pushing themselves to the limit.  Its a race against a clock thats different for us all...but that we all face.

Do you relate to this? I totally do. I feel like this when I'm running outside, even when I'm not competing in a race. If...

How to Work Out & Look Like a Latina Pop Star



If you know who Kat DeLuna is then you know she's a Dominican born pop star who's climbing the music charts. Her dance and hip-hop tracks make for killer workout music and feature artists like Akon. When she's not singing her heart out, she's in the gym rocking hot fitness couture and I have proof! Check out the video above where Kat DeLuna gets Styled Up 2 Shape Up for Univision's Despierta America show by me and Tadeo from the Cuerpaso workout.



Here's what she wore, why it rocks and where you can get it:

Femme Fitale Fitness Zebra Print Gloves ($19.99) for weight training, floor work, spinning and outdoor cycling

Her own Nike training jacket. Nike's Windrunner Jacket ($63.97) in white/cherry/sapphire is a close match.

An MPG Sport bra. The one Kat's wearing in the video is no longer available. Check out newer styles Eris (shown...

It's Workout Mix Wednesday!


If you're in need of a new workout mix, I've got it for you! Just click on the pink MizzFIT Playlist button when you arrive HERE.

I've also listed a bunch of my favorite albums to help set the pace and mood for a range of workouts (from Pilates to high impact).

Check out Girl Talk's newest All Day album and download it for FREE! It's a great one for cardio and machine workouts. You can never go wrong with Girl Talk, in my opinion.

As always, feel free to share your music taste and requests in the comments section below. If you make share-able mash-ups, send them along and I will post them for all our music-loving fitness friends.

Happy Workout Mix Wednesday! Get your fitness beats HERE


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