3 Miracle Runners To Emulate: Fauja Singh, Jennie Finch & Meb Keflezighi



Many people have disputed me on this but I stand my ground. I’m convinced of it because I’ve seen it all. I’ve watched the handicap, the elderly, the obese, the frail, cancer survivors, trauma victims, and even the Eiffel Tower (a long way from home) run the New York marathon.

I call him Mr. Eiffel Tower. I saw him at the 2009 ING New York City Marathon carrying his costume to the starting point before he officially put it on. It wasn’t easy for him to carry and probably harder to run inside of it. But he did it. He put his mind to it and viola--Parisian miracle brought to life!

In my mind, a miracle is the determination to do an incredible thing and the will to see it through from start to finish, no matter how trying the experience. A miracle is often defined as something that wouldn't ordinarily happen. But the truth is miracles happen everyday. Miracles aren't impossible. They just take work!

It’s not...

BUTI & The Babe: A Sexy Workout Story



BUTI is a high-intensity workout that mixes yoga, plyometrics, conditioning and dance into a tasty Kool-Aid that you'll want to drink to reach new physique highs. It's turning average bodies into hard bodies and making MILF's out of new moms. What's not to love, right? But that's not all. The story isn't complete without the belle of the workout: Miss Bizzie.



Bizzie Gold is the smart cookie behind BUTI (pictured below). As a former fitness competitor entering motherhood, she wanted to keep up with her personal fitness routine but found that she didn't have as much time to put into it with all the preparations for her baby. She was teaching traditional Hatha Yoga classes and began experimenting by adding various styles of dance, plyometrics, and conditioning to her classes. In her mind, it was saving time by putting everything she wanted to do into 1 workout. BOOM! The results--sleek, toned muscles--were amazing! She...

Bridge, Sweat and Tears: The Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp DVD Is Transformational


Have you ever finished a workout dvd and noticed that you didn't break a sweat?

It happens to me all the time. And sometimes it's not because the workout sucks. It's because it lacks energy and quick transitions from one exercise to another. of these factors stimulate your workout. That's why I'm stuck on (ok...obsessed) with Ariane Hundt's Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp DVD. I've never had a better workout in my living room. If you're looking for a change--a physical one--you really need to try it.


Meet Ariane

That's her in the photo below with the infectious smile. I feel that I have to introduce her first before I tell you more about her killer DVD. Why? Because Ariane is sooooo different than every other trainer I've met. She's not glam, doesn't have a boob job and isn't trying to be famous. She is the real deal Holeyfiled--a personal trainer with a masters in nutrition who won't waste your...

How To Dress For A Mud Run With Minimal Yuck



Don't get me wrong. I'm a fashion loving girly-girl who lives for long showers. But every once in a while, I like to work out in the mud. If you've ever considered doing a mud run, check out my fitness fashion tips for getting dirty in ultimate comfort and style. Because it is possible to combat crawl through a muddy trench with a Mr. Clean smile and a wink of confidence. It's a dirty catwalk, girls. But I know you can work it!



This is how I spent my Sunday morning. And I must say, I loved every minute of it. Part of me is even still laughing because it's silly to think I ran a 5K covered in mud. And that was the fun part! If you're looking to do a mud run yourself, I highly recommend the Down & Dirty Merrell Mud Run Series. For your 1st mud run, start with a 5K and do the 10K next time. The amount of mud that you run and crawl through is a lot more than you think. And because of the slip...

MizzFIT Tells US Weekly What Celebs Are Wearing To Work Out. Are You In The Know?


Celebrity fitness fashion is now hot gossip! This is like a dream come true for me and I had so much fun dishing to US Weekly. Read the article below (or directly link to it) to see who's wearing my favorite fitness brands and why the clothes will rock your body too. The good news is that you can afford this stuff! You better get going before the Fitness Fashion Police strikes!


*MizzFIT Tells US WEEKLY What Celebs Are Wearing 2 Work Out*



FITiST and Yigal Azrouel Team Up. Read My FITiST Review & Find Out What It's All About!



It's a gym membership without the burden of a home-base gym--a very cool way to work out without getting bored of the same classes or studio space. I'm super excited about FITIST collaborating with designer Yigal Azrouel for NY Fashion Week! Even though Fashion Week sadly comes to an end today, you can stay in the spirit of high-style with Yigal's fashion-y workout plan. Just keep reading to find out everything that matters.



FITiST is the future of customized fitness training. Why? Because we all get bored of our gym. Whether you have a home gym in your house, a communal gym in your apartment building or a membership-based gym (like Equinox Fitness), it's inevitable that you will tire of the studio atmosphere and group fitness schedule. Don't feel bad, it's totally normal.

So along comes FITiST with an online membership that lets you pick the workout schedule of your dreams...filled with...


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