Knocking the Wind Outta the Windy City with Lady Foot Locker in My 1st Pair of High-Tops

Chicago had no idea what hit 'em when I showed up with Lady Foot Locker and Team Fashionably Fit.

Everything was calm and then BAM!

We had the people of Chicago sweatin' in style. It was fantastic! Everyone who showed up to North Riverside Mall for Lady Foot Locker's new store look launch, was in it to win it. And so was my Fashionably Fit Team (a.ka. my posse). Just imagine the A-Team rocking killer sportswear and that's pretty much us.

We put on quite a show, busting out a fitness-fashion panel, a high energy workout, a fashion show (all with yours truly) and even a celebrity appearance by Adrienne Bailon from the show Empire Girls.

It was intense commanding the attention of everyone at the mall, but it was so much fun and rewarding getting all those people to work out and care about wearing functional activewear. We even got Adrienne to work out!

Of course, I made sure everyone got their stretch on.

One of the best parts...

Hey Chicago! I'm Bringing Fitness Fashion to You on Saturday, Aug 25th. Come Out and See Me!

I'll always be a Midwestern girl at heart and that's why I'm super psyched to head to Chicago for a weekend full of fitness fashion. And guess what! You can join me! Come out to North Riverside Park Mall on Saturday Aug 25th for Lady Foot Locker's Fashionably Fit event.

Here's what it's all about and I can't wait to see you there:

You're Invited to: Lady Foot Locker's Fashionably Fit Celebration which includes a free workout led by Bexlife and myself, complimentary drink and snacks, a panel discussion with ME, shopping card giveaways worth hundreds of dollars (up to $500) and a celebrity appearance by Adrienne Bailon from the show Empire Girls.

Show up here: North Riverside Park Mall in downtown Chicago. Look for the Lady Foot Locker stage. There will be makeup artists, stylists, models, trainers and lots of when you spot all that you'll know you've found us!

Be on time: We'll be taking over North Riverside Park Mall from 11am - 4pm so that should...

Cherie Lily is Dripping Wet on Celebrity Sweat!


Cherie Lily is one of my favorite fitness women in the biz because she's both a sweetheart and flamboyant singing sensation. Everything about her is interesting, captivating and hip. She's a trend starter and fitness entertainer, which in my opinion is a beautiful rarity! I guess that's why she gets a lot of play here on

But let's get to the point of my post here...

Cherie Lily is simultaneously blowing up and dripping wet. I'm not kidding. And to see it, you've got to read about it here on Celebrity Sweat! Cherie recently dropped her new music video (which features some of NYC's hottest fitness bodies) and the link is in the interview. Just don't watch it at work, OK? There's no nudity (do bare butts count?) but you just might get a little excited. Don't say I didn't warn you!


How racy & amazing is she??!!

Don't forget to comment below! Tell me what you...

Be Lazy and Work Out at the Same Time with My Couch Potato Booty Blast!


This is my 1st ever instructional fitness video and I'm dying for you to watch it!

It's a great booty-firming workout that you can easily do without ever leaving your couch! So even on lazy days you can still get a workout in. What are you waiting for? Grab a sofa and let the booty blasting fun begin!



Of course, I couldn't take the task completely seriously because I had to make sure you'd laugh and have some fun! I'd maybe refrain from watching The Notebook if I were you because the only crying I want to hear should be coming from your tush!


Snag the Couch Potato Gear Goodies used in my video

Inflatable balance disc ($13) used for Couch Potato Stability Squats

Soft exercise ball ($9) used for the Couch Potato Butt-Lift-Squeeze

2-lb pink mini-weights ($12) used for Couch Potato Donkey Kicks

Gliding discs ($15) used for Couch Potato Climbers.

If you can spend the extra dough, I highly...

"Carry Big Sticks And You Shall Go Far." The Fitness & Fashion Of Pole Walking.

The art of Pole Walking =  a mix of Fitness & Fashion

That's my mom. She's a trooper...the sweetest guinea pig that ever lived. I bribed her with new workout gear and surprised her with a new way to exercise: pole walking! I recently discovered that pole walking is an art, with the potential for great fashion and plenty of health benefits. Yes, really, with regard to fashion.

I'm going to tell you everything that I think you should know about pole-walking but first, a bit more about my amazing mother. On top of agreeing to let me dress her up like Kim Kardashian and pose with me for a mother-daughter fashion spread, she is the cutest and sweetest mom I could ever ask for. Since I'm not allowed to say her age, I'll just say that she's at a point in her life where it's important to maintain good health. But she's not really the high-intensity fitness type. She likes to keep things simple and enjoyable. And that's where pole walking comes into the...

A day in the life of...ME!


My full time job really does entail covering fitness fashion & trends.

In case you don't know my story or how I left a career that afforded me Helmut Lang moto-jackets, Jimmy Choo pumps and purses, and a walk-in closet to keep them all in, then you can quickly read about that HERE.

I feel blessed to say that I have the job and company of my dreams. I wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world (even if I can no longer afford the "extras"). Wanna know why? Well, because every day is an adventure.

Leave it to to outline a day in my "active" life where the line between work, passion and pasttime is most definitely blurred. Check it out and click the link below!


*  A Day in the Life of Fitness: MizzFIT  *


What's your dream job???

Are you living it out? If not, what the heck is stopping you? Share a little bit about your ambitions and life goals in the comments section below. I'd love to hear about...


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