Marathon Training & Sex: How Yoga Can Help Both (According to Top Yogis)

I've been training for the ING NYC Marathon for a month...

I've given up my weekends for 7AM training runs and surrendered to the aches, pains and insatiable hunger that all come with marathon training. But it hasn't been all torture. I've gained something huge--the opportunity to immerse myself in yoga. My plan was to do a lot of yoga for stretching and pain relief but what I found is that it improved my running performance as well as my romantic life.

The more yoga I did in between my runs, the longer and faster I could run during my training. I definitely felt less sore, physically exhausted and mentally stressed as long as I could fit 2 to 3 yoga sessions into my week. It's been incredible and if I ever run another marathon again after November 4th (this year's ING NYC Marathon date), I will without a doubt train the same way.

So you're probably wondering what all this has to do with SEX...

You might be familiar with Briohny Smyth...and you may have watched some...

Makeup At The Gym? Crazy Or Genius? You Be The Judge.


Makeup CAN motivate your fitness routine!

I'm expecting a lot of hater-ation on this post because most women tell me they would NOT wear makeup to the gym. But, I personally believe in putting your best face forward for fitness, whether you're at the gym, on a run or in a class. 

I'm not implying that you need to have a full face of makeup to break a sweat. I'm just sayin' that a little of the right kind of makeup goes a long way. I like the even skin tone, color and dimension that makeup gives my face. I'm no beauty queen without it, but feel like one when I'm done up!

Check out the products that we used to make the video you just watched. 

Here's the makeup we used and where you can get it:

Tinted Skin Perfector: Maybeline Dream Fresh BB Cream Sheer Tint

Eyeshadow Base/Primer: Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Eye Brow Pencil: Too Faced Brownies Browne-y

Lengthening Mascara:  Loreal Double Extend (waterproof)

Lip Stain:...

Under Armour Proves Their New Women's Sportswear Has a Spine for Fashion


Women's fitness fashion is exploding with competitive players.

And it's pure nirvana for me to witness! Brands that typically weren't recognized as being fashion forward enough for style-minded women are finally getting in the game. One that I must point out is Under Armour. They've been under the radar for women for some time (unless you played a sport in high school or college and wore their team gear), but they're changing that. They're making edgier apparel that doesn't flash you back to the locker room.

I recently attended a cool Under Armour event hosted by Exhale Spa and The Glam Network at NYC's downtown Gansevoort Hotel. I was invited to preview and test out Under Armour's newest collection (which I was already privy to) and to find out more about their recently launched What's Beautiful Campaign (#WhatsBeautiful).

The best part was that I got to test out everything in a Core Fusion Bootcamp class. I must admit, I love Core Fusion DVDs but I'm...

How to Reach Your Run High for Racing Season with Gear That Won't Bring You Down


Any chance you'll be running this Fall?

I'm running a marathon in exactly 1 month from today. The ING NYC Marathon...heard of it? I've already started preparing for it and not just by training. For me, a marathon is all about putting together a lifestyle, a look and a strategy geared towards avoiding death at mile 17 (out of 26.2, yikes!). I want to perform at my best while finding my happy zone (a.k.a. run high). It's a balance that takes effort to find, but you won't regret it once you're out there FLYIN'! And I want to make sure that's exactly what you do--fly! So I've put together some tips for you below that relate to a range of important topics when it comes to running. There's a GIVEAWAY at the very end, too.


* Finding a race & setting the tone for your new running lifestyle *

I believe every mile you run throughout your new running lifestyle, should make you s(mile). If you just go out there and run forever you won't smile so much. It...

Workout Gear You'll Love with the Equipment You Need to Exercise Built In


Burnin' calories on TV and all I did was stand there.

Morning show host, Virginia Kerr is my HERO! She made my latest fitness fashion segment on the Great Day St. Louis show a breeze. They say laughter burns calories. I must've burned a couple hundred just standing there when she put on the Halo Sport headband. I cherish women like Virginia who get so excited about fitness trends they just can't wait to get their hands on it...or heads into it!

Let's dive deeper into the fitness gems you watched in the video (for more info and irresistible discounts). I know you can't tell from the pic below, but I was so excited to the point of shaking to present these on TV to you! That's what you call a true fitness junkie.


    *** Stylish workout gear with BUILT-IN fitness equipment ***

W8FIT Apparel is a line of weighted workout clothes designed specifically for women by superstar Maya Kaminsky. There are pockets in the racerback...

Best "Off The Beaten Path" Fitness Finds in NYC


Where are my favorite places to workout and where do I shop for stylish fitness gear in NYC?


I get asked this question a lot by New York visitors and locals. From my experience, most out-of-towners like to check out the popular spots that have been written up or featured on tv. But what about all the great places that maintain a low profile--the fitness gems of NYC? You've got to know about these spots because there's a good chance you'll like them 5x more! Here are my favorites...


MizzFIT's TOP 5 Off The Beaten Path Fitness Finds in New York City

1. Sixth Street Pilates studio - 525 East 6th Street NYC, 212-677-5545

This pilates studio is an East Village neighborhood goodie. It's small, cozy and impossible not to get plenty of attention here. Classes here can be a bit unconventional for Pilates without feeling so far removed that you're intimidated. Definitely try the Burn, Baby, Burn! class. Co-owners Anula Maiberg...


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