Sweat for a Good Cause This Summer and Be Moved Like I Was at Pedal On The Pier


Change up your solo workout routine this summer by getting involved with a great fitness charity. That's what I did by heading to Santa Monica with Lady Foot Locker for Pedal On The Pier. Watch the video above to see how one charity event can bring together and move so many people, including a bunch of fitness-loving celebrities.

Hilary and Haylie Duff who are Soul Cycle spinning fanatics wasted no time getting on their bikes, and Evander Holyfield rode the full 4-hours like a champ ('cause he is one). Gotta admit, I was so nervous to meet him! But he's a soft spoken, almost bashful kind of guy who seems to put family first. When he told me that his kids and mother inspire him, well, that just made my heart melt. I was very honored to meet him. And I must encourage you to check out Haylie's food blog called Real Girl's Kitchen--she's quite the gourmet health nut!

Cool, Caring and Outgoing people give their time to fitness charities! That's something I...

Tracy Anderson Gives You A Leg Up With Her New Workout Leggings


Before I interviewed Tracy Anderson, I pegged her as the woman who made it big training Madonna and who owns an elite studio where white girls who can't jump or dance go once to painfully humiliate themselves (yup, that was me). But she's way more than that. She's the big sister who drags you to the gym wearing matching workout leggings and cares about how you work out. She's thoughtful and she's not just in it for herself. Her new line of leggings proves that. The pic below shows all 4 styles which cater to different body types.


I got to ask Tracy everything I've been dying to know about her. I love her honesty and her approach to being fashionably fit. The fact that she cares so much about how her clients and dvd-home-fitness fans look and feel in their workout clothes is enough for me to call her my new fitness crush!


...and find out which leggings she wears...

Slimming Summer Swimwear That's Fashionable and Built to Move In (with pal, Jillian Michaels!)


My Summer Swimwear Philosophy

If you're near the water, why not get in, have fun and get some exercise? That's why it’s important to choose stylish swimwear that looks just as good in the water as it does out of the water. Watch me show Jillian Michaels some of my favorite slimming swim styles above. Then scroll your way down for more tips on how to Style Up 2 Shape Up for all kinds of water sports, and where to score a water resistant purse.


No One's Perfect!

Especially those models you see on the cover of Vogue. Believe me, I sat front row at Mara Hoffman's Swim Fashion Week 2011 Show and the models on the catwalk weren't flawless (even though they were gorgeous). What I'm sayin' is don't become overly critical about your body just because it's swim season. Like I say in the video to Jillian, shop for your empowered self! Here are some great tips for how to do that:

Look Slimmer, Feel More Confident With These Simple Tips

Mix &...

Come Spinning with Me on the Santa Monica Pier. Let's Do It for the Kids!


Let's Pedal!

Fitness for a cause? There's no better way to break a sweat. Join me on California's Santa Monica pier on June 3rd from 11am - 4pm for a heart-pumping and heartwarming spinning event aimed at sending 20 inner-city schools to camp this year. It's called Pedal On The Pier and I'll be there with Lady Foot Locker, pedaling my heart out and interviewing celebity attendees and riders that have come to show their support for The Harold Robinson Foundation.

Who's Gonna Be There?

Me, of course! As well as Perez Hilton, Hilary Duff, Evander Holyfield, and Kat Graham just to name a few. Most importantly there will be 100 stationary bikes, all with charitable riders on them focused on clocking 100 miles by 4pm. And you won't just hear bikers panting because there will be music from bands, hot DJ’s and celebrity musical guest performances.

Does It Cost Anything To Ride?

Yes, because it's a fundraiser. Each rider/team must raise a minimum of $2,500...

Fitness Apparel with Built-in Weight. Yay or Nay?


Take weight off by adding it on?

W8FIT is a new brand of women's activewear. The product's custom design has pockets which hold half pound or quarter pound weights which you can add to increase resistance during your workout.

The founder/designer, Maya Kaminsky, says she lives in her workout clothes and wanted to create something different that would help women lose weight and stay fit whether they are training at the gym or just running around town.

The weights are the size of a credit card. Supposedly they're bend-able too.

The product isn't available for purchase until early June. In the meantime, W8FIT is being sold on presale via Kickstarter --> click here to check it out

Question is...would you wear it?

Personally, I'm just not sure the extra weight added to W8FIT pockets is all that necessary to dramatically change the effectiveness of your workout or weight-loss. I have no doubt it will slightly enhance the challenge of...

Bravely Sweat Outside with Stacy Who Won't Go Inside No Matter What


Stacy Who Won't Go Inside

People kept telling me about Stacy's Bootcamp in NYC's Central Park, so I tracked the infamous Stacy Berman down. What I became was her next victim. I'm not going to lie to you. I've never been so close to collapsing. But if you want to lose weight and gain muscle REALLY FAST, Stacy's your girl. I call her Stacy Who Won't Go Inside.


Stacy Berman Is An Anomaly

She's smiley, giggly, and sweet as can be...until you show up to her office where her expectations must always be met. And where's that? Well frankly, it depends on what exactly Stacy has in mind for her bootcamp that day. But one thing's for sure, she clocks in every morning to Central Park (“the only park in Manhattan where you can enter and almost forget you are in the city")'s just a matter of what conference room she decides to use.

This can be frustrating if you're the type that doesn't like surprises. As long as you meet at 86th street and Central...


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