Behold The YogaWoman


A movie about the historical impact of yoga on women...and women on yoga. Looks good, eh? I'm not sure I buy the "we're at a crisis" comment in the trailer but I do think yoga is major life saver. And I would definitely be lost without it.


So I'm gonna see this movie. Will you?


Run With Your Dog Totally Hands Free!


If you like running with your pooch (like me) but have literally "run" into problems (i.e. your dog runs so fast or hard that it feels like your arm might pop off) then check out this amazing article written by Jenn from the Fit Bottom Girls website (one of my favorite fitness websites).


Run With Your Dog Totally Hands Free!


Purchase the SPIleash (hands-free run leash for you and your dog) HERE!


Sunscreen Made Easy For Women Who Prance In The Sun



Sunscreen lotion has a tendency to rub me the wrong way. Like the time I used sunscreen made with hemp seed oil (I won't name names). Just imagine Casper the friendly ghost in a bikini.

That was me! It was anything but sexy. It literally rubbed on white and then wouldn't wash off. But thanks to all the amazing RUB FREE UPF/SPF fitness products below, you don't have to look like an idiot. You can protect yourself from the sun in style while exercising outdoors. Let's check out my favorite ways to do this, and don't forget to enter my Plus Size Sun Protection Giveaway at the very bottom of this post.



C9 by Champion is at the top of my list. Why? Because for the quality and amazing color options it's by far the best deal. AND it's available at my favorite store of all time--TARGET! Does anyone else get a mini orgasm walking into Target? Maybe it's just me. Anyway, what I...

The Next Best Thing To Kokomo? Where You Can Go To Get Away From It All...



Head to Governor's Island for Lululemon's Escape to Yoga Island event. It's free and your chance to experience FREE yoga with some of our city's best and most well known yoga instructors.

Here's the official Facebook event page for Escape to Yoga Island - which might provide more background and details.

If you've never been to Governor's Island before (like me, tsk tsk) this is a great excuse to get your butt out there for some sun'ercise. Like that? Now I'm inventing words. That's what happens when you go on vacation. Your mind gets stimulated with all kinds of new ideas (...of which only some are good, lol). Make sure to take a towel, sunblock, a mat and lots of water. It promises to be a fantastic event and kudos to Lululemon for making it FREE! Wallets need vacations too.


Ride for Suicide Prevention in Salt Lake City, Utah with The GLMR


Suicide - How It's Affected My Life

I lost my grandfather and my beautiful cousin Paige to suicide...and I can't help but cry right now as I type these words. I wish Paige was alive to guest post here on and talk about how we hiked the Grand Canyon together. I wish my grandfather could see me grown up. But suicide is the final chapter and the last thing I remember about them when I see their pictures.


You Can't Fight Sadness With Sadness

My friend Zach Ludlow suffered the same loss with his dad but decided you can't beat sadness with sadness. Instead he founded an annual benefit ride in Salt Lake City, Utah (Payson to be exact) to raise awareness and funds for mental illness and suicide prevention. "It began as a memorial ride for my dad who was a cyclist and loved the sport," Zach tells me. But Zach was born with healing power. He once taught me that the best way out of sadness is to ask whatever god you believe in for direction. And I...


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