And The Best Fitness of 2011 Awards Go To...


There are no rules or forms to fill out. I make up my own award categories based on what I think will enhance your fitness lifestyle. For me, 2011 was all about being your fitness guinea pig because if you don't already know this (which you should), is all about YOU! There were so many great trends this year, but only a few took home a MizzFIT trophy. Let's get on with the awards ceremony.



The Best Gym Bag is...

The Pleated Pocket Gym Bag in Black Sparkle by Ogorgeous - $154.00

It's the most luxurious gym bag I've ever owned because there's a pocket and secure comparment for everything imaginable (yes, even the hottie-at-the-gym's phone number). There's also a drawstring bag for stashing your stinky workout clothes, towels or sneaks. It's so badass I've been using it as a purse. If you're into an edgy black leather look, this bag exudes it. Plus, it won't clash with anyting you wear and it's...

Are You a Fitness Lover Who Can’t Sleep? Join the Club Because I'm an Insomniac.


Exercising frequently mixed with sleepless nights is not a good combo. To perform your best athletically and get the best results physically, you need sleep. I’ve been struggling with this problem for years because I’m what they call an insomniac. I hate the word because it sounds criminal, but what I’ve learned is that not sleeping is a crime against the body especially if you work out. For years I've been telling people the value of sleep without getting the full experiencing myself. I'm not proud of it but I'm working on getting better with the 8 tips in this article. And the pic you see above is proof!

I'm taking baby steps because just like nicotine or hard drugs, my insomnia is hard to let go of. I've become addicted to staying up all hours of the night and I've somehow learned to function on only 4 hours of sleep. Everyone has a story, mine starts with a father who used to stay up late watching TV. I think I emulated this behavior but...

MizzFIT Teams Up with JackRabbit NYC - See the Windows and Join the Resolve Campaign!

Guess what?! The JackRabbit Sports store in downtown NYC (on 14th street) let me turn their storefront window into a stylish Winter Runderland. The big news is that I've teamed up with JackRabbit Sports to bring you their best Resolve Campaign ever for 2012!

It all started on Dec 8th when I took over JackRabbit's windows and went crazy with all kinds of snow supplies. It was all in the name of outdoor running, which shouldn't become obsolete when the temperature drops.

You can still run outside comfortably if you're suited and geared up based on 2 things: 1) warmth and 2) functional style. Take inspiration from the 2 bunnyquins I styled. Everything they're wearing is made for cold-weather running and it's all very stylish. Like these limited edition New Balance run shoes which are unisex-ually amazing. Don't be scared...just let them hug your feet with their feather-light love.

Every piece is tailored for movement and built with insulation as well as...

Thanksgiving happened. You stuffed your face. NOW WHAT?


Got no energy? Feeling like a cinder block? Tryptophan (the amino acid in turkey) will do that to you. Give the leftovers a break (those turkey sandwiches can wait) and get moving by following the tips in the 2 articles below.

I'm quoted in both articles and you better believe I practice what I preach. The tips I share get me through EVERY Thanksgiving. 'Cause I've got sequen garments and holiday parties to look smokin' hot for! And HELLO--you do too! So let's get back on the workout program together. Turkey schmurkey. Thanksgiving who?


Ate Too Much at Thanksgiving Dinner? Do These 3 Exercises


Top 3 Tips to Get Back on Track After Thanksgiving



Power Balance Goes Off-Kilter and Bankrupt!!!



Looks like Power Balance might not be championing what its main product is famous for (B.A.L.A.N.C.E) because they've recently filed for bankruptcy. Word on the street is that Power Balance owes Kobe Bryant $400,000 for endorsing their wristbands. And he's not the only athlete that won't be seeing a payday. Power Balance has some nerve! Or, is it our own fault for falling for a scam that made this company millions?



Or you might wear one yourself. If you do, don't be angry with me. I'm not making this stuff up! If you live under a rock, Power Balance is a company famous for its hologram-embedded sports wristbands that allegedly use holographic technology to increase athletic and fitness performance when worn. There was never any scientific evidence to prove it, but it didn't seem to matter because the silicon bracelets became a cult favorite phenomenon at $30 a pop. Everyone seemed to have...


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