Pole Dancing for Fitness! 6 Tips to Style Up 2 Shape Up for Your Sexiest Workout


Why did I make a Pole Dancing video? Isn't that for strippers?

I made this video to show you how fun and empowering pole dancing is as a workout. And no, these poles aren't found at a strip joint or "men's club". They're found in pole dancing fitness studios like Body & Pole NYC that welcome any woman or man to try it out. It's not easy but it's become one of my favorite ways to stay in shape. Follow my 6 fitness fashion tips in the video to hit the pole in style and swing your way to fit.


Like the Fitness Fashion in this video? Need to look hot for class?

Here's where you can find all the outfits I styled for the girlzz.

On Me: (left) Jo&Jax The Princess Top, (right) HotDrop Apparel Nikki Bra Top and String Along Short

On Kyra: Vata Brasil Bra198, Onzie Animal Torquoise Booty Short, Americal Apparel Leg Warmer

On Lian: Jo&Jax Ruffle Top and Nux USA Emma Drawstring Short

On Nicola: American Apparel...

Turtles Work Out Too


What can I say? I'm a fan of because the site brings smiles and laughter to many, especially if you're on the receiving end of a Turtlecall. I asked the little prankster turtle for an interview and to my surprise he granted me one...and told me all about his workout routine!

If you need a laugh or someone else does, definitely go to Turtlecalls and get acquainted with my favorite hard-shelled friend.

Thanks for watching!


Knocked Up? Take Your Baby Bump to the Gym in Omala's Hip Eco Activewear


I always enjoy visiting the set of Great Day Saint Louis whenever I'm in my hometown but I particularly loved featuring Omala on the show today because expectant mothers deserve to look and feel sexy while they work out. Here at, we like to celebrate the baby bump and discourage women from hiding it. All you need is stylish activewear that flatters your changing shape and feels good!

That's Kate Gaertner, the founder and designer of Omala, in the photo above. She considers it a happy accident that her clothing lends itself to maternity activewear. Her vision was to create a sportswear collection that was soft, sexy and transitional. She nailed it and also managed to target a whole new market of women: mommies-to-be!

Just like Lululemon Athletica, Kate's activewear has special features that flatter baby bumps of all shapes and sizes. Omala's blouse-y halter tops, tanks with side ruching and incredibly soft pants with the right amount of give make...

How to Stylishly Prep for an Amazing Race (from 5K to Marathon)


Why I made this race tips video

I made the video you see above the night before my half marathon on March 14th, 2012 and posted it to YouTube. If you've never been to my channel--Fashionably Fit with MizzFIT--please mosey on over and subscribe! I made this video to encourage you to take the time to Style Up 2 Shape Up because when you do, you have way more fun. I promise.


The morning of the race, the paparazzi just wouldn't stop following me (wink wink)

But I didn't mind since I loved what I was wearing and felt stronger and more prepared than ever to run an amazing race. The start line was in Central Park with a finish in downtown Manhattan's South Street Seaport.


In my video, I talk a lot. Here's the quickie version of what I wore and why:

Lorna Jane Sky Singlet & Run Short - Both pieces are comfortable, non-chafing, quick drying and stylish. I especially love the sheerness and silvery fabric of the Sky...

I'm Throwing a Twitter Party. Exercise Your Fingers and Tweet-In with Hashtag #Results2012


Did you make New Year's Resolutions to be healthy in 2012? To get fit, look hot and eat well? Well, join the club! Now it's time to make good on those resolutions beyond January which--shocker--has already passed. All it takes is 1 hashtag (#results2012) and some finger exercise to make it happen.

Join us Tuesday, February 7th from 9.30-11PM EST ----> because tweeting totally burns calories (kind of).

Your Official Invitation With Cool "YOU'VE GOT MAIL" Effects

Or just take a looksy here:

See you there and don't forget to use the HASHTAG: #RESULTS2012

REVEALED: My Best Kept Fitness Fashion Secret



I wasn't intentionally keeping this from you. I hadn't thought about sharing until I realized what a lifesaver this little secret of mine had become in my daily fitness routine. Is the suspense killing you yet? Well, you're about to find out...



But unfortunately working out produces all kinds of stinky "fragrances". Don't get me wrong, I use deodorant! I also wash my workout clothes with the best smelling detergents I can find. Sometimes that's not enough though.

If you exercise a lot like me, then you know that odors can linger no matter how many times you wash, scrub or Febreze. This is a problem--because it's embarrassing if you're out in public and there's a noticeable odor coming from your direction. No one wants to be around that! Even YOU want to run away from yourself.



Why? Because it kills the worst of...


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