The Washboard Abs Trophy For Most Inspiring Fitness Trainer Goes To...

Mizz Kira Stokes!!! Enough said. Actually, I'm gonna say a bit more...

We chose to interview Kira by asking her a question while doing her own Stoked Primal moves because we wanted you to see how strong and smart she is. She doesn't turn her brain off when she's working out, and when she's training she's always looking at AND out for you. This woman walks her talk as Brett Hoebel would say, and that's why we love her.

Kira has helped countless women transform their body and mind. She guides women through fit pregnancies (like our very own Laura from Baby Bump Fit Tips) and cares immensely for her clients and class regulars. Personally, I've never experienced this kind of dedication from a fitness trainer, which is why I think Kira should be a role model to others in the industry. I'm sure there are more amazing fit pro's like Kira that I have yet to meet or work out with...which makes me happy because fitness is all about LOVE, right? Self-love and community.

I'm beyond...

Going Barefoot is a Bare Necessity in Fitness. Flash Your Feet with SLT's Amanda Freeman!

When shoes come off, workouts get interesting!

Barefoot exercise classes remove your feet from the familiar environment of your shoes to move in more natural, unsupported ways (i.e. making your workout so much harder). For most fitness lovers, this is great news (as long as you've gotten a pedicure). If you're a spray tanner like me, you might want to go "light" on your feet (brown toes look dirty--not tan--in a fitness studio).

But not everyone likes the concept of shoeless exercise. If it's not a fear of germs, it's the potential for injury that keeps some fitness enthusiasts laced and locked into their sneakers. The truth is, germs, injury and BOREDOM can happen in your shoes too. I asked a fitness expert (with really nice feet) to weigh in. SLT studio owner Amanda Freeman works out every day in her fleshy soles. Notice the pedicure?

Here's what Amanda has to say about the advantages of going bare in response to my questions.

Amanda, what's this barefoot...

Marlo and Tia: Two Women Rising to the TOP of the POLE (**SEXY GIVEAWAY**)

Valentine's Day has now passed but why not celebrate it everyday when it comes to your relationship with your body? Own what you see in the mirror with attitude and pride. Like Marlo and Tia, 2 women who have gone against the grain to inspire women to feel sexy, uninhibited and energized by their sexuality. What they're doing for women is incredible, and even more fascinating is that they've made careers of it. Meet these extraordinary ladies who are pioneers of pole fitness culture and enter my BOOTYFUL GIVEAWAY( courtesy of Vertical Edge) at the end of this article.


Marlo Fisken had been a dancer for years before she started "poling", which is the accurate term for the sport of pole. Calling it "pole dancing" makes it sound like stripping, and poling is by far more dynamic, beautiful and challenging than anything you'd see at your local strip club. Although, Marlo does admit that the naughty correlation of poling to stripping did initially draw her to the...

Spice Things Up. Go on a Workout Date!

Change things up to spice 'em up!

Ditch the expensive restaurants, bar scene and red cellophane wrapped candy! Chocolate never looked good on your waistline anyway.

Instead, why not spend time with friends and lover(s) doing fit things that promise lots of fun? Here are some options...


Celebrate a special event, birthday or nothing at all (party just 'cause ya want to) with a Workout Spa Party:


Go ahead and get all romantical with a Heart-Racing Date that lumps fear-nervousness-excitement all into one:

For more on how to plan the perfect workout date especially for Valentine's Day, check out 7 Ways To Avoid the Valentines's Day Restaurant Rush and Have Even More Fun on Your Feet.

So, are you down to changes things up?

Tell me how you're fusing fitness with your social life. Been on a "workout date" before? I wanna hear your stories: the good, the bad and the downright funny. Share 'em in comments section...

I Tell Myself "Keep It Simple, Stupid" When It Comes To Health + Vitamelts Sleep GIVEAWAY!!!

Have you heard of the KISS principle?

It's an acronym for Keep It Simple, Stupid. It's the idea that systems and practices work best if they are kept simple rather than made complex. I learned about KISS in my 2nd grade writing class and have since applied this rule to everything in life, even my health. This article is about living healthy & happy without complexity because health made simple is pure bliss. And you can't have enough bliss, right? Don't forget to enter my Vitamelts Sleep Giveaway in the comments section at the very end of this article.

The less steps, the BETTER!

Nature Made's Vitamelts (which I've been singing praises over HERE and HERE) exemplify KISS because they're so easy to take they're a no-brainer. You don't need water. They taste sweet and dissolve in seconds. They fit in your purse. The packaging is small and they're easy to travel with no matter where you're going. Now that's "Keep It Simple Stupid" in full effect, which...

A Tale of Two Fitness Interns. What It's Like Working for MizzFIT, Sweat and All.

Wondering what a fitness internship is all about? MizzFIT Interns, Katia & Caroline, spill the sweaty beans!

Hi! We’re Katia and Caroline, but have also come to be known as “The Interns.” This winter, we were fortunate enough to be matched with Bianca Jade for a winter externship, a program of very short internships created by Cornell University’s Office of Career Resources. The goal of the program is to give current undergrads opportunities to explore different career fields and network with the university’s huge alumni population. Our time with Bianca at MizzFIT was particularly extraordinary because we’re both huge fitness, health, and fashion lovers! So what better way for us to spend a cold winter break than researching and collaborating with Bianca in a trendy startup office building where originality and entrepreneurism shoot off the walls! Want a peak into the glamorous lives of The Interns? Then keep on reading!

It was two days after New Year’s...


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