What is HIIT? Does it work? Is it Stylish?

A lot changes as you get older. But mostly, you become a creature of habit. You get comfortable doing the same things because you've had good results from them in the past. Ha! Old people are craaaaaazy! It's OK, I can say that because according to most 20-year olds I am ancient. And frankly, I don't care how old you are but we need to put an end to this antiquated way of thinking. Let's take ME for example (it is my website afterall). I am in my 30's and my complacency usally results in one of two things: 1) tubby or 2) chubby. Last summer I had a 4-pack (abs not beer). A year later I have a no-pack. WTF! maybe my bewilderment isn't 100% genuine. I just came down with a case of "old-person" thinking. I got too comfortable with my barre, yoga and running routine. I needed something different to spike my results. My no-pack is no-sexy. Enter Focus Integrated Fitness and their transformative class called PT6. It was exactly what I needed to introduce some change...

Groundbreaking Fit Trends You Need to Try!

The world of fitness is changing! Sportswear, gear, gadgets, food and fit services are more forward-thinking and edgy than ever. I've been testing a few that I'm crushing on which I'll share with you, as well as give you a sneak peek at some extremely functional pieces coming out from Asics. The theme that binds all these trends is Ease of Use. I was surprised as I'm typically a skeptic about adding too many elements to my routine. I don't have time for inventions that steal valuable calorie burning minutes away from my workout. But I'm seriously impressed by how the following trends can raise your engagement without sidetracking you.


   Let's start with BURN THIS.


This is a free app that turns your workout into a social experience. It's available to people living in major cities like NYC, LA, CHI, MIA, and more. Download it to your iPhone, then look up all those studio classes you usually book on Mindbody from the studios you...

Fred Devito: My Teacher

Fred Devito is one of the founders of Core Fusion as well as a founding partner of the exquisite Exhale Spa locations around the world. He is widely known and incredibly respected in the fitness industry. I've learned a great deal from him, which you're going to hear all about.

What I've learned from Fred can be broken down in 3 stages of knowing him. There's the "DVD" Fred stage (consisting of many living room workouts...and intermissions to catch my breath), the "O.M.G. I just took class from the real-life Fred Devito" stage (and I wish he would look away so I can stop holding this awful pretzel pose), and lastly the "One To Admire" Fred stage. I should mention that Fred turned 57 on the day that I interviewed him for this article. He told me he'd been in the fitness game now for 30 years. I asked him if he planned to take a break and he said:

"I'll never stop doing this." - Fred Devito

1.  The "DVD" Fred stage

I got into barre-fitness workouts in 2007...

Fun Runs Are Trending. But Which Ones Are The Most Fun?

Sweating it out on a treadmill or even a running path in a park is an acquired taste. Although the streets are flooded these days with runners of all abilities, shapes and sizes, it's one of the toughest sports to love as a novice. That's why novelty runs are taking off as a fitness trend for those who want to dabble in running but need an extra fun incentive to hit the ground running.

Here's a list of our TOP FIVE 5K FUN RUNS to get you thrilled to run instead of filled with dread:

1. The Color Run - This run is coined "The Happiest 5K on the Planet" for good reason. It's an un-timed race where thousands of participants get doused in colored powder-paint at every kilometer on the run: yellow at 1K, blue at 2K, green at 3K, pink at 4K and at 5K you get a "color extravaganza". The powder gets squirted at you from staffers at all angles.

60 percent of the color runners are first time 5K runners just looking to have fun and get messy rainbow-style while...

Ballet, The Balanced Way

-- This is a guest post by Liz Stark --

Often times, the world of ballet is unfairly depicted in a rather depressing manner – painfully thin bodies, grueling training schedules, strict diet regimens, and cutthroat competition. However, there is one person in particular who wants to put all of these brutal ballet rumors to rest – Mary Helen Bowers. In her 2012 book, Ballet Beautiful, Bowers (who is a professional ballerina and renowned trainer in NYC) sheds light on the art of ballet, and its benefits for the body and soul.

Training everyone from celebrities (including Natalie Portman, to prepare her for her performance in Black Swan) to the everyday individual, Bowers illustrates in her book that anyone can attain a beautiful ballet body without wreaking havoc on one’s health or figure in the process.

Some of the healthiest bodies in the world are ballet dancers, like the Winter Olympics ice dancers. Many of the figure skaters competing at the 2014 Sochi...

How My Relationship with Fitness Changed and Jealousy Entered

Jealousy. It hits hard and ugly. I hate feeling it and admitting to it. But that’s how it goes. It’s a human thing for our eyes to turn green with envy. When you’re in a relationship with someone you’ve got to work through it because it can literally destroy you and the love you cherish.

I’m going through it myself in my relationship with fitness. As I recover from a recent surgery, things just haven’t been the same. This is due to my doctor telling me not to work out for 3-6 weeks. The painkillers, Valium, and antibiotics kill my energy, digestion and mood. I've spent a good amount of time as a helpless blob propped up with pillows in my bed. I've watched the days go by from my window, zoning out to Dr. Phil. I could feel the the distance growing between me and fitness--our romance now practically nonexistent.

I never knew so much could change in so little time! But fitness is hard to date because of the commitment and focused mental connection it...


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