Can't See the Silver Lining? How to Conquer Disappointment.

- This is a guest post by Pam Wilson -


I am a glass-half-filled kind of girl.

No matter the situation I can find the silver lining. It’s not that I spin the facts-I just prefer to emphasize the positive if I can. Recently I had a crushing disappointment that I wasn’t expecting. It wasn’t a health crisis and everyone was okay. I say that because if it was a health crisis or something was seriously wrong I would have handled it differently.

Here's what got me down.

I had written a piece for a locally produced show and had made it through the initial round of cuts. I then had to audition the piece in front of the four women producing the show. When I first found out about the show, I was wary. I had a history with two of the women and I wondered how impartial they could be. However, as time went on, I got excited about the project and was looking forward to my callback for the audition.

My sister, nephew, daughter and friend Jenny helped me...

Save Your Blowout When You Workout! A Fitness Hair Tutorial from MizzFIT and BLOW.

Depending on how you look at it, sweat can be your best friend or your worst enemy at the gym. I say, sweat hard no matter what, but think smart in advance when it comes to your hair. That's where BLOW (the blowout salon) and one very handsome Blow Pro Expert named Gregory Patterson, come into my story.

We wanted women to have the answers for saving their blowout at the gym, during and after their workout. We wanted to change the idea that the only place you can go after the gym is home. According to Gregory, you CAN have red carpet hair post-gym. I saw how he does it with my own eyes and have been using his full proof tricks on my own hair ever since we made THIS VIDEO BELOW. I hope you like it! There's a very special discount at the end!

The beautiful fit women featured in my video are trainer/dancer Nicole Winhoffer and Nicole Katz of Yoga216. I chose them because they work hard at their fitness jobs and even though they're expected to sweat, they want to look...

The Bravest Woman in Fitness Talks to Me About Fear & Wellness. Who is it? WATCH THE VIDEO!

Who's the bravest woman in fitness?

And why was I so compelled to interview her for my Women Who Empower video series on YouTube? How could I not interview a woman who wears makeup to workout...even if it is war paint! WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW for all the answers:

I met Lauren Berlingeri, the host of Woman Vs Workout on YouTube, last year. She's obsessed with health and so we immediately clicked. Little did I know how brave this starlet was until I watched all her shows. And yes, she's gorgeous, which is why I had to ask about her favorite supplements.

From the video, you will have learned about, the site that Lauren has been hard at work on. She's asked me to share that Aloha has evolved since we shot her video interview. Wellness products will no longer be curated but they've tailored the site for a fantastic experience. I encourage you to check out Aloha especially if you're intrigued by or already sold on supplements.

And don't forget to...

Is the Kettlebell the Smart Bell of Fitness Equipment? Check Out 2 Brilliant Workouts!

I've heard the kettlebell called the ugly duck of fitness.

He's bottom heavy, funny looking, hard to take places and has a tendency to strike out with women. Poor thing! But truth be told, Mr. K has a lot more going for him than most would guess. He's a well-endowed fella who prefers not to let on to his greatness until your very first swing. Fitness experts Lorna Kleidman and Paul Katami proved to me just how smart Mr. K really is. Ready to graduate from your dumbbells?

Don't judge a book by its cover or a weight by its shape.

Makes sense, right? But how smart is Mr. K, really? I knew exactly who to ask--Lorna Kleidman--the reigning queen of kettlebell fitness. She's based in NYC and just so happens to be a 3x world kettlebell champion. Lorna retired from competing last year to go full throttle in her endeavor to innovate and popularize kettlebell fitness (specifically for women). I've known Lorna since the birth of (I reviewed her academy way back when)....

Fitness Trend Blogging Has It's Benefits: I Got To Work With Nature Made!



I'm a vitamin girl. Are you?

Vitamins had be hooked upon biting into my 1st Flintstones for Kids. So when Nature Made asked me to be an ambassador, I was like "hells yeaaaaah!" and victory danced in my kitchen (you'd understand if you saw my vitamin shelf). Watch the video above from Nature Made with me and the other lovely ambassadors for Vitamelts, a new kind of flavored vitamin that literally melts in your mouth!

During filming for the video you just watched, I felt like I was on The View! Every ambassador had a different lifestyle and story but we all shared a common goal of health. There were even some fitness girls in the bunch who I immediately bonded with.

You may be wondering: what is an ambassador? It's kind of like being a spokesperson or a really informed messenger. I thought I knew a lot about vitamins going into my ambassadorship with...

How Kristi Yamaguchi Got a MizzFIT Reader Back on Her Feet and Working Out!

Here's a sweet story. A MizzFIT reader named Paula Strokoff tipped me off about Kristi Yamaguchi's new active wear collection called Tsu.ya. Paula was so excited about Tsu.ya that I asked her review it on, never expecting that she'd use fitness fashion or Kristi's DVD to overcome obstacles she was facing in her own life. This is Paula, pictured below.

I'm going to let her tell the story in her own words. But before I do, I just want to say that people who take the time to write handwritten notes must be saints. We often have to twist celebrities arms to get interviews and quotes on (ok, not really but getting ahold of them can be hard). Kristi Yamaguchi was thrilled to have her active wear and workout reviewed by us.

We didn't expect such a lovely response from Kristi or that she'd become a source of empowerment for Paula. But, that's fitness for ya. If you're willing to share it (like Kristi), amazing things are bound to happen. Here's...


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