May The Forza Be With You


I heard that Forza, a group fitness class at Equinox gym, was martial arts inspired but I had no idea it involved a sword. When I walked into class, I thought this is going to be a piece of cake. C' much can you really move with a big, heavy stick? Well, I got my answer within minutes as Stephen Bel Davies, a Forza certified instructor, began to lead the class through a series of fast-paced samurai sword routines.

Forza is a full-body, cardiovascular workout that involves quick arm movements and rotations to make warrior-style "cuts" in the air. It's actually pretty cool--when else do you have the opportunity to wield a sword without being laughed at? The Forza sword is called a bokken, modeled after a Japanese Katana and made from either plastic or wood. Plastic bokkens are heavier (they have a metal rod center) and provide a more challenging workout. Wooden ones are recommended for beginners. I found using the bokken comparable to working with free...

New York Sports Club to give away inflatable dolls and free gym passes for mouth 2 mouth

New York Sports Clubs has partnered with FDNY and NYC Service to host free CPR classes for the public at locations throughout the five boroughs. FDNY’s CPR to Go offers basic “bystander” CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) training. In just one hour, trainees learn how to be Good Samaritans, gaining the knowledge and confidence to save the life of a child or an adult.

As part of the class, it’s requested that trainees pledge to give back by sharing their knowledge with five other people. To do so, they take home their kits, including an inflatable CPR training doll, and DVD in English and Spanish. Everyone who completes the training gets a free, one-week pass to NYSC.

Classes will be offered from January through March in all five boroughs. To find a class in your neighborhood or to register go here.

Kudos to NYSC and the FDNY for turning us into life-savers. I love starting the new year with NYC love and pride, and I’m happy to see the fitness community...

Things That Make You Go Hmmm

I can’t help but think the joke is on us in this promotional video for 3 Minute Legs. There’s something strangely sexual going on. The women are going up and down on the 3 Minute Legs bouncy-seat, with huge smiles on their faces. I’m no Dr. Ruth, but that can only mean one thing!



I’m not telling you not to use it…it’s definitely stimulating. But it you want to effectively tone your legs, I recommend checking out The Valslide by Valerie Waters.



The Valslide is versatile and works different parts of your body based on how you use it. Unlike 3 Minute Legs which “supports” your body as you lunge, The Valslide requires you to engage your core, gluteal and leg muscles in a sliding motion. The more you engage your body and create your own base of support, the more you’ll see results. I’ve used The Valslide and I love it because it’s challenging, well-designed and easy to toss in a gym bag. I guarantee it...

Checking into 2010


I can’t believe another year has passed. I mean, I can…but it’s so crazy how time escapes us and before we have time to think about our new year’s resolutions, new year’s has passed and the fireworks are long gone (I tried to freeze them in time with my blackberry cam). Last year I had a long list of resolutions, the most important one being to change my career path. I eventually did it and became a reality…and will officially launch next week (yup, finally). Who knows what will happen in 2010 but I’m ready to ride the wave and see where it takes me. With that said blogged, here are my resolutions for the new year. Wish me luck or cheer me on…even Jillian Michaels admits that self-discipline is hard (she has a trainer). Many thanks to Sam, Kru and Guy (my trainers).


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