Scary Words from a Fitness Critic


First there was this:

Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin - by John Cloud


And now, 1 week before the NYC ING Marathon day, there’s this:

Plodders Have a Place, but Is It in a Marathon? - by Juliet Macur

(you might have to create an account or sign-in to read it but it’s worth it)


Anyone who writes an article criticizing a movement of people who jog or walk 26.2 miles can kiss my FIT ASS! It’s not about how fast marathoners run, jog or walk a marathon—the point is people are out there doing it and that’s a HUGE accomplishment.

The NYC ING Marathon brings tens of thousands of unique people together from all over the world on a day that celebrates athleticism. It might as well be a holiday given the amount of people that run. Athletes and fans form a special bond on marathon day because dreams are being lived out on New York City streets.

Juliet Macur’s article belittles the meaning of marathon day for all...

Nike + Human Race Takes On the World


Runners in Prospect Park, Brooklyn and in cities worldwide (24 registered cities) wore the same red race shirt yesterday and gathered to participate in what Nike called “The Day the World Runs”. It was a fun 10K race and Prospect Park’s scenery was fantastic. Luckily, the rain gods were kind and the race was rain-free on Saturday morning at 8am. 3,464 runners participated and finished with an average pace time of 1:02:55. Overall, I was impressed with the organization of the race and the events that followed. Nike had tents set up for product giveaways and testing, free food and snacks, and race results. Basically, it was a star wars convention for runners. But hey, runners should dork-out too, i.e. pics of me before and after completing the race with my friend, Nicole.

I must say, I love the Nike + Human Race shirt! I’ll definitely be wearing mine again unlike other race shirts which usually end up at the salvation army. The race shirts are nicely...

Three runners die in Detroit marathon


My heart goes out to the families of three brave souls who died today before completing the Detroit Free Press/Flagstar Marathon in Detroit, Michigan:

Read story HERE.

All three men collapsed near the end of the race. This is tragic news, but I have to assume they died doing something they loved very much. And wherever they are now, I’m sure they crossed their finish line triumphantly.

Do you think physical examinations and screenings should be required of athletes before participating in extreme sporting events like the marathon, triathlon and Ironman?

I’m not 100% sure where I stand on this, but I think if a doctor were to tell me I was unfit to run a marathon I’d be just as happy participating as a cheering spectator. Then again, what if the doctors happened to be wrong or overly cautious? Would you trust your own intuition and run, or not?

Shorter. Faster. Better?


Sprinting is a re-emerging fitness trend that’s catching up with the popularity of long distance running. The difference is that sprinting involves shorter and higher intensity running intervals with rest periods in between. Sprinting is definitely more time efficient as well as a huge calorie burner. This raises a good question: should you be running harder and shorter instead of longer and more consistent?


The answer really depends on your fitness goals. Sprinting will increase your speed and help you move past a frustrating weight-loss plateau. Here’s how it works… The high intensity nature of sprinting shocks your body, burns tons of calories and allows for more visible changes in your body type. Your body will continue to burn calories hours after you’ve finished your workout. As amazing as that sounds, the negative side is that sprinting will surely fatigue you. Remember that before you go on a sprinting binge, especially if you’re heading...


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