Bianca Jade Quarterly Box

I have a box with Quarterly and you should sign up! Every 3 months, I will send you a package of wonderful things to make you stronger, healthier & fashionably fit. I can't tell you what comes inside each box because it's meant to be a surprise but if you follow me on social media, I'm constantly dropping hints and giving sneak peeks as I handpick products for you in the categories of fitness, health, beauty and fashion. I always send along a detailed note to describe the theme of each package and the meaning behind each item inside. I call them my "Style Up 2 Shape Up" boxes.

I design each Style Up 2 shape Up box to:

  • Introduce you to emerging trends before anyone else
  • Give your current health & fitness routine a boost
  • Inject style into your regimen
  • Make your workout even more convenient by sending it straight to your doorstep and giving you workouts you can do at home or on the road
  • Enhance your beauty routine to accomodate your sweat sessions
  • Inspire you with goals, mantras and healthy ways to take care of yourself

Buy a subscription OR a single package for $50/per box

  • Cancel Anytime!
  • Money Back Guaranteed!

Mizz Fit Quarterly Package

Previous "Style Up 2 Shape Up" Packages

MizzFit Quarterly Packages MizzFit Quarterly Packages MizzFit Quarterly Packages

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Testimonials from subscribers

"Bianca Jade has been a huge motivator for me to keep up with my workouts and having these fitness packages come to my door every 3 months definitely keeps me extra inspired! Each box is not to miss. You won't regret signing up! — Adina Chmiel

"I received the #MIZ04 box today and love it. It’s exactly what I need right now. I feel Bianca put her heart into the box and it shows." — Anna Smith

"I love Bianca Jade's helpful motivation to stay fit and chic with her Quarterly Style Up 2 Shape Up boxes!" — Tina Mendoza

"My Style Up 2 Shape Up box from Bianca Jade just arrived. Health + Beauty = 2 of my favorite things!" — Nicole Dantzler

"I follow Bianca on Instagram and I just love how passionate she is about what she does. And I really appreciate how much she cares about this box (and getting it out on time!)" — Michelle Michel

"Received my amazing Quarterly box from Bianca Jade today! It's full of inspirational goodies, including a kickass jump rope I can't wait to use! Bianca also shares awesome tips and info to help hottify your workout!" — Jess King

"I love the clutch I got in #MIZ07 for my gym bag. Also, much to my surprise the Fatty Sundays pretzels were gluten free! As a person with a gluten allergy I was so happy. Thanks for a great box, and I can't wait for the next one!" — Shayna Pham

"A big thank you to Bianca Jade for introducing me to the amazing little gadget that is The Klingg. Major improvement to overall headphone comfort during my runs. Wouldn't have discovered it if I wasn't subscribed to her killer box." — Sarah McLellan

"#MIZ07 was my first curated box from Bianca and I love it! I really wish I’d paid more attention in the past and gotten subbed sooner. Bianca pulled off a super box that gave me what i need—inspiration to work out and new ideas! She does a wonderful job curating this box, especially for some of us gals who are picky because we subscribe to many boxes." — Heather Poccia

"I feel that Bianca is so sincere and that is why hers is the only subscription box I subscribe to." — Krysta Venturella

How Quarterly works




It’s part muse, part news, and a whole lot of community. Let’s navigate this crazy wellness world together! Get all my healthy living, beauty, style and travel tips! Learn about my latest discoveries, from innovations in fitness to skincare technology & anti-aging. Not only will I share what products, services and experiences I’m loving for head to toe wellness, I’ll help you get access to them and guide you through decisions like only a best friend could. This is where you want to stay connected with me for events, deals, giveaways, retreats, and updates on projects I’m working on just for you! See that box below? That’s where the magic happens.