My Golden Ticket Quarterly Boxes

Golden Tickets In My Boxes!

My boxes have gone GOLDEN! Well...a select few of them have, which means amazing prizes for some very lucky ladies. Catch up with me as I unbox the "Clean Slate" #MIZ06 box and reveal what's in store for #MIZ07. Watch the video I made for you above or click the link below:

My Golden Ticket Quarterly Boxes! #MIZ06 #MIZ07

How 'bout dem balloons? Have you ever tried hailing a cab with 40 balloons? Not easy! But I really enjoyed filming with them to unbox my Clean Slate box. Did you get it? I hope it renewed your routine! I'm still doing my Booya Fitness workouts. ARE YOU? I love this online membership on days when it's pouring rain and I just want to stay at home. Speaking of workouts, you guys are in for quite a treat with the next box. Not only is it packed to the gills, but I put a workout schedule together for you, too.

Sign up for my 90/10 Quarterly Box RIGHT HERE!

Each box is so different and keeps me on my toes! I want to be the best fitness trends curator possible for you. Thank you so much for all your emails, suggestions and requests. I know a lot of you felt the last box was a little "light" so I made sure to make the next one HEAVY. You'll see what I mean when you get it :)

Many of you have asked me what it's like being a curator and what kind of work goes into making the boxes. Well, it's actually A LOT of work! But I love every second of it. I spend the 1st month of every 3-months in between box shipments brainstorming themes and putting together product bundles.

I closely watch and forecast trends in the health/wellness/fitness industry during this time. Then, I pick my favorite products and brands to work with based on their innovation and health benefits. I choose products I love and can't live without, as well as ones I believe will enhance your workout and overall wellbeing. Fitbook is a great example. I know the founder and have followed her success in her mission to create the ultimate journaling experience. Fitbook turns something tedious into a motivational activity that lets you be your own coach. I love this kind of ingenuity.go

Once I've got my final selection of products mapped out, my Quarterly Co. team begins reaching out to the corrresponding brands and companies. There's ALWAYS a lot of back and forth, and TONS of emails! Some deals go through. Some don't :(

I've got a lot of subscribers now, and sometimes larger orders are hard for companies to fill by our deadlines. I sure love problem solving though--something you definitely need for the job. Sarah, my creative planner that I work closely with at Quarterly, is a godsend. She helps me jump hurdles when they get in the way and turn my Style Up 2 Shape Up vision into something real and 4-cornered.


The best part is getting to know all of you and reading your comments on subscription box junkie forums. I never knew these communities existed before signing on as a Quarterly curator, and now I'm totally addicted! I subscribe to a few boxes myself, so I can proudly say I've been a player on both sides of the box industry. HelloFresh is my latest life-changing subscription. I'm learning how to be a good cook without having to grocery shop, which means MORE TIME WORKING ON QUARTERLY BOXES! Use my HelloFresh promo code (BELKQ6) to get $40 off your 1st box or CLICK HERE.

Keep sending your questions my way! Here are a few hints for #MIZ07.

I'm not doing an entire reveal like I used to with past boxes. Surprises are worth the wait...and silence is GOLDEN. Good luck winning those golden tickets!  xoxo, Bianca Jade


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