Need A Push? Advice? This Box Will Empower You!

This is the box I would've given myself in 2007 when I was really lost. Both lost inside myself and career-wise. I'm really excited to share it with my subscribers and newcomers because it's packed with advice and actions that I found during my course of self-discovery and re-invention.

Box #MIZ04 is READY TO GO!

If you didn't already know, I have a Fitness Fashion Trend Box with Quarterly Co. And I'm pretty stoked right now because Box #MIZ04 is in production after 2 months of designing and perfecting it. For this upcoming box, I wanted to share how I got my big idea to create and leave the corporate world behind. I'm sure a lot of you have found yourself in a slump before or maybe you're in one now.

Whether it's health/fitness or career related, I understand and want to share what worked for me so we can get you moving in a new, forward direction!

The theme of #MIZ04 is Work Out Your Passion. Expect to find not only fitness goodies in this  box but some life-changing advice and ideas to get you seriously thinking and acting on how to express your life's passions.

Looking back on #MIZ03... My last box (themed Relax. Restore. Rev Up!) was a hit, earning "Best of Quarterly" thanks to all my subscribers and their wonderful feedback.

I enjoyed focusing the last box on post-workout routine trends. It's important to do right by your body after you've worked it hard. Plus, beauty and restorative products feel so good. I ended my day just the other night with the To Go Spa Ice Water Eyes Collagen Gel Pads and it couldn't have felt better or more relaxing!

I document every box I curate on Pinterest, highlighting the unique wellness items inside. TAKE A LOOK RIGHT HERE to see what you've been missing and get on board because it only gets better with each box!

Here's the sign-up page for my Style Up 2 Shape Up Box with Quarterly

(You can do the ongoing subscription or just opt for 1 box. It's totally up to you!)

What's the benefit of Styling Up 2 Shape Up?

Well, clearly the motivation! Since I first took an interest in fitness & sport in highschool, I found that stylish clothes/accessories/trends helped to "keep me in the game". I was more engaged, excited to play and just felt overall inspired by the mere act of customizing my experience. Whether you're working on sculpting your body, improving relationships in your life (with people/food/work) or just need some livening up, this box will remind you that it all starts with YOU and the little things you can do to make a huge difference.

But more specifically, I design all my Style Up 2 Shape Up boxes to:

  • Introduce you to emerging trends before anyone else
  • Give your current health & fitness routine a boost
  • Inject style into your regimen
  • Make your workout even more convenient by sending it straight to your doorstep and giving you workouts you can do at home or on the road
  • Enhance your beauty routine to accomodate sweat sessions
  • Inspire you with goals, mantras and healthy ways to take care of yourself


Watch this unboxing video below from the last Relax. Restore. Rev Up! box, and please contact me with any questions you have about signing up. Just shoot me an email through the contact page.

Isn't Raina the cutest munchkin ever? She knows all about fitness because her mom loves to workout. That's what I call inspiring! My goal is to carry this movement of empowered women forward--at all ages, of all colors, and in all shapes and sizes. I can't wait to have more of you join me! 

Get my Style Up 2 Shape Up Box here!


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