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Monica Vazquez- (Fat Chef) Weight Loss Trainer

Q.You're the Food Network's newest fitness star on the show Fat Chef...how did you snag this epic gig?
I got involved because I work at New York Sports Club and the Food Network contacted them for a trainer for Chelsie Williams, a Times Square BBQ line cook. I lost a lot of weight before I became a trainer. I lost 65 pounds so they knew I could relate well to her. And that's how I got on Fat Chef!

Q.How long were you working with Chelsie?
16 weeks.

Q.And how much weight did she lose?
80 pounds.

Q.What was it like teaching a chef to eat less and workout more?
It's more challenging because she is a chef. If you work with a computer you can't just eat your computer. She is in front of food all day long and if you are a mindless or emotional eater it's just that much easier to eat when it's there. You need to learn how to be aware of what's going in your mouth and the calories you're burning. Once you make a habit out of it it's really...

The Stylish Makeover We All Need Starts With "I Love Me"


I recently wrote this status update on my Facebook page:

You can't earn everyone's love but you can earn self-love.

We all know this...right? Kind-of-sort-of? Or is it that we forget to remind ourselves of it? Forgetting the meaning and actions behind "self-love" can wear us thin. We can be hard on ourselves for no good reason which then leads to bad habits, like my strange midnight love affair with Fig Newtons (I'll get into that later). Sometimes we just need help channeling our self-love into healthy & positive outcomes. Meet Melissa Kathryn. She's the founder of Melissa Kathryn Makeover, a weight loss program for women who want to trim their bodies and tailor their wardrobes. I couldn't resist--I had to sportswear-style her for this story!


How I Met Melissa Kathryn

It sounds strange but we were set up a by a mutual friend who thought we'd have "career stuff" in common. We met up at Tartine in NYC's West Village. Immediately I...

Up, Close and Abdominal with Brett Hoebel


He's hot. He has a 6-pack and he promises to REV yours up too. But only if you're ready to commit and as he likes to put it, "walk your talk". Otherwise, Brett Hoebel is busy taking the fitness & health world by storm. First it was on The Biggest Loser, now it's Fat Chef. Find out what Brett's all about and why (most importantly) he holds the secret key to your abs.

Click the link below to read my interview with Fitness Pro, Brett Hoebel

Brett Hoebel's Celebrity Sweat Interview

Brett Hoebel - Celebrity Fitness Pro

Q.You’ve become a fitness celebrity and TV personality. How has it changed your life?
I leave "celebrity" and "famous" for the tabloids. I'm just a passionate and hard working person who is lucky enough to be able to do what I love to do. Being on TV and being more recognized has changed my life because it's made me be more accountable to myself and my word.

I want to set a positive role model for people, especially children. Having kids and parents come up to me on the street, shake my hand and tell me how inspiring I've been to them, has really shown me the "ripple effect" and how truly important it is to "pay it forward" when you have the ability to do it on a national and global scale. It's also made it hard to grab a frozen yogurt or slice of pizza without feeling like I need to put on sun glasses and a wig ;)

Q.Some people get their abs spray tanned on and some people turn to YOU for the real deal. Is that how RevAbs was born?
People turn to me for...

Carissa Moore: Youngest World Champion in the History of Sports...and a Homeowner!


I got the chance to catch up with Hawaiian pro surfer Carissa Moore while she was visiting NYC. What I found is that she's a champ in more ways than one. She's the youngest world champion in the history of sports AND she's a smart young woman who knows nothing can be achieved without hard work. One of the things Carissa is most proud of is being a homeowner--because she earned it. This 19 year old isn't going rogue. She's going big time.

Click the link below to read my interview with quite possibly the chillest over-achiever on the planet:

Carissa Moore's Celebrity Sweat Interview

Want Carissa's workout without actually having to hit the waves?

Check out SurfSET Fitness, an indoor cardio and resistance training class performed on a machine called the RipSurferX which looks and feels just like a surfboard. The workout promises a fit-surfer-body just like Carissa's. I'm planning to check it out myself in January and the feedback from the lucky ones who've...

Interview with Pro Surfer Carissa Moore

Q.You’re only 19 years old and you’re an ASP Women’s World Champ. How does that feel?
I have to pinch myself all the time. I am so lucky to be where I am at in life right now. It has been a dream of mine since I was little to be a world champ so to have that goal checked off already is unbelievable.

Q.You're constantly in the water. Which surfing event do you look forward to most?
I love the Roxy Pro on the Gold Coast of Australia. It is the first event of our year and the wave is just so much fun! The vibe, people and culture is amazing and there is always so much going on surrounding the event. Never a dull moment.

Q.It's no secret that you win a lot. How do you reward yourself?
To celebrate I usually do something simple like a nice dinner with family and friends. But, I must admit I have done quite a bit of shopping since the season ended though, oops!

Q.You rock a bikini like a true surfer chick. Do you EVER feel insecure in swimwear or is it smooth sailing...


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