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Natasha Hastings - Olympian Athlete

Q.I hear you're called the 400M Diva. Is the 400M your signature race and where you hope to be at the 2012 Games?
My specialty is the 400, but I would like to be known as a versatile sprinter. I'd like to be competitive in the 200 as well as a great contributor for the relay.

Q.I'm cutting to the chase, what was it like being in ESPN's Body Issue?
It was a great experience and something that I am grateful for. The staff was phenomenal. I think my pictures turned out great, and it opened a lot of opportunities for me.

Q.What was the most uncomfortable part of that shoot?
Being in a room with new people naked, but they were very understanding and did their best to make me as comfortable as possible.

Q.The best part?
The best part was just getting through it. I felt if I could do this I could do anything!

Q.There's no way you're ever insecure about your body! Or are you?
I am, and I think it's totally normal. Everyone has their days where they just feel...

Brooke Villone Is More Than Just Another Reality TV Star. She's A Fitness Pundit!

Brooke Villone is part of of VH1's Baseball Wives sassy cast. When I interviewed her, I found out that she's way more than just another reality TV star. She's very sweet and forthcoming about her life and what makes her tick.

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Find out how Brooke maintains her sexy physique and why she does it. I was most inspired by what she had to say about her hubby, former relief pitcher Ron Villone. He may not have played catcher on the field but he certainly caught a good one!

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Brooke Villone - Baseball Wives Reality TV Star

Q.Your celebrity star is rising with VH1\'s new show Baseball Wives. How is life in the spotlight treating you?
Well, I have been modeling since a teenager so I was in the spotlight a lot and always loved it.

Q.As a model, do you have to work hard for your slim physique or does it come naturally?
I am lucky enough to have good genes and be 5'10", however I do work out a lot.

Q.So I take it you've never struggled with your weight?
I have never had an eating disorder and I love to workout. I try to stick to a healthy diet and I workout 5-6 times a week. I do weights, cardio, Yoga and sometimes Zumba. It sometimes is harder to get to the gym as much as I used to before my daughter but running after her is sometimes a workout too!

Q.What classifies you as a fitness fanatic and what helps you stay commited?
I belong to 2 gyms in North NJ near my house. If I’m not in shape I won’t [get modeling] work.

Q.Is your fit-drive always work...

Jennie Finch Wrote 'Throw Like A Girl' for Young Girls to Know its Sexy to Love Hard & Dream Big


Jennie Finch is part jock, part glamazon, part mom, and 100% Olympian athlete. She's also now an author, making her quite the all-American success story. Read my interview with this blonde fitness-loving bombshell and find out all about her new book Throw Like A Girl and why she was destined to write it.

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Jennie Finch - Olympic Gold Medal Softball Player

Q.Jennie, please clear this up for me: what's the difference between softball and baseball?
Basically softball is a bigger ball and we play with smaller dimensions. We pitch underhand while baseball pitchers throw over hand.

Q.Did you ever dream you'd make it to the Olympics? It must've been surreal for you!
Wearing USA across my chest was something I dreamt about for a long long time! Its the biggest stage in sport. A true honor!

Q.At what point did you feel you had really made it as a female baseball star?
There was a moment when I was in college and was asked to pose with Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling for a photo that I just couldn’t believe it was happening. But I have to say that standing alongside my idols like Lisa Fernandez on the gold medal podium in the 2004 Olympics, that was a huge moment for me.

Q.You became somewhat of an athletic sex symbol as you rose to softball stardom. Flattering or not?
For me it was always about being the best...

The Cassey-oulet of Pilates & Fitness Fashion


I present to you the one and only Cassey Ho. She's a YouTube Pilates-Fitness Sensation and a rising fitness apparel & accessory designer. And yes, she actually designed all those bags. Her website Blogilates has gone global and I wouldn't be surprised if she has more followers than Jillian Michaels! I'm telling you, the girl is making a name for herself.

Wanna know what I love about her most?

She makes every day EASY for me because I carry the impeccably functional and stylish oGorgeous gym bag she designed everywhere I go. It's such a hit that all my friends bought it and I frequently get chased down the street by women asking me "where can I get that gym bag?"

Read my interview with Cassey Ho on Celebrity Sweat HERE!

Cassey Ho - YouTube Fitness Sensation

Q.How has being famous online affected your life?
It’s really funny when someone recognizes me on the street or when people start staring and giggling at me but don’t say anything. In fact, it’s kind of weird! On another note, I’ve been able to work with some companies that I’ve been a fan of for years – something I’ve never even dreamed of happening.

Q.How did you get to where you are?
After I graduated from Whitter College in 2009 with a degree in Biology, I moved to Boston to become a fashion buyer for a major corporate retailer. At the same time I was running the oGorgeous line on the side. When one of my bags got featured in SHAPE Magazine, I saw an opportunity to take on my business 100%, so I left my boring 9-5 job. In the process of developing my second collection, I spent my hours at home and at the gym, so I had time to start blogging and YouTubing more.

Q.So what drew you to fitness besides your knack for designing amazing...

How Madonna Teaches Us To Be Strong & Radiant: 3 Madonna-Inspired Mantras!


She didn't rise to the top on luck alone, ladies. When she's not dissing on Lady Gaga, she's dishing wisdom on Anderson Cooper's show. Here are the clips that made me stop, think and praise her for the queen that she is. I translated them into mantras for you that you can say to yourself while you work out.


1. Live With Passion & Devotion

"Put your boxing gloves on."  --Madonna


2. Find Balance. Don't Overdo Fitness, Just Fit It In.

"I don't work out as much as I used to." --Madonna


3. Sleep More. Live For Today. Celebrate Your Accomplishments.

"I wanted to write and direct a film for a very long time...and I just accomplished that." --Madonna


She may come off rather b*tchy sometimes but you've got to hand it to her for staying so STRONG & RADIANT throughout her life and career. In my opinion, there's nothing wrong with being tough...

Monica Vazquez- (Fat Chef) Weight Loss Trainer

Q.You're the Food Network's newest fitness star on the show Fat Chef...how did you snag this epic gig?
I got involved because I work at New York Sports Club and the Food Network contacted them for a trainer for Chelsie Williams, a Times Square BBQ line cook. I lost a lot of weight before I became a trainer. I lost 65 pounds so they knew I could relate well to her. And that's how I got on Fat Chef!

Q.How long were you working with Chelsie?
16 weeks.

Q.And how much weight did she lose?
80 pounds.

Q.What was it like teaching a chef to eat less and workout more?
It's more challenging because she is a chef. If you work with a computer you can't just eat your computer. She is in front of food all day long and if you are a mindless or emotional eater it's just that much easier to eat when it's there. You need to learn how to be aware of what's going in your mouth and the calories you're burning. Once you make a habit out of it it's really...

The Stylish Makeover We All Need Starts With "I Love Me"


I recently wrote this status update on my Facebook page:

You can't earn everyone's love but you can earn self-love.

We all know this...right? Kind-of-sort-of? Or is it that we forget to remind ourselves of it? Forgetting the meaning and actions behind "self-love" can wear us thin. We can be hard on ourselves for no good reason which then leads to bad habits, like my strange midnight love affair with Fig Newtons (I'll get into that later). Sometimes we just need help channeling our self-love into healthy & positive outcomes. Meet Melissa Kathryn. She's the founder of Melissa Kathryn Makeover, a weight loss program for women who want to trim their bodies and tailor their wardrobes. I couldn't resist--I had to sportswear-style her for this story!


How I Met Melissa Kathryn

It sounds strange but we were set up a by a mutual friend who thought we'd have "career stuff" in common. We met up at Tartine in NYC's West Village. Immediately I...


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