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Amanda Freeman - NYC Fitness Entrepreneur & SLT Sweetheart

Q.Amanda, how did you become a fitness entrepreneur? Obviously there's no set path but how did you start down yours?
My career has been an evolution that has lead me to the fitness world. It was during my career as a trendforecaster that I identified the rise of wellconsciousness among women my age and in particular, my own interest in the area. I left that job to start Vital Juice, the wellness focused daily email (like DailyCandy without the cavities) that I ran until last month*. And it was frequent trips to LA throughout my career that lead me to finding SLT and SLT Yoga.

*Vital Juice has shifted gears and is now Tasting Table's Good Taste

Q.What are you most proud of when you think about Vital Juice and STL, as I'm sure they were both labors of love.
I love that Vital Juice inspired people to make healthier choices…and we’d get amazing reader feedback on its impact.

I love my interactions with our SLT clients…I love seeing results the workout...

I Dissed Norma Kamali's Outfit on Facebook and Learned a Valuable Lesson

So here's what went down...

I saw a picture of Norma Kamali sporting a fitness getup from her collection for Opening Ceremony that I wasn't digging.

I made a comment about it on the MizzFIT Facebook page. Lo and behold, the next day there's an email from her in my inbox. Ahhh, F*@K me! It took me a solid hour to bolster up the courage to open up it. Was she pissed? Would she blackball me from all her stores? Would she summon her fashionista squad to stone me to death...or worse, ban me from wearing her clothes?

I finally opened it (with my eyes closed).

In her email, Norma acknowledged my comments about the functionality of her garb, but backed it up by saying that she designs for the modern woman who likes to express herself in creative, comfortable and cost effective ways. She said she's proud of her designs and wanted me to look at her transitional fitness apparel in a different way...keeping in mind her mission.

Norma had me at "hello, I'm taking the...

Norma Kamali - Fashion Designer

Q.Everyone in fashion knows you are a wellness advocate and innovator. How does it feel to represent more than just fashion?
Fashion has a powerful effect on the way someone feels and performs. Fitness and health builds self esteem and supports a strong image. There is no way you can separate the two. I believe fashion always looks better on someone who feels good about themselves.

Q.At what point in your life did you become interested and seriously committed to fitness?
1980...I was thirty-five and wanting to go out less especially every night dancing, which was typical of the 70's. So working out was my next choice. I did all types of activities including running and fast walking.

Q.You design clothes that can be worn fashionably for fitness. What do you consider the most important elements of sportswear?
Modern fabrics that move with the body and that are easy to care for.  

Q.If you could only work out in 1 thing from one of your collections, what...

Elizabeth Banks Divulges on Fitness and Working Out with Hubby

Today, at the NYC screening of the film People Like Us in which she stars, Elizabeth Banks answered my question about how fitness "fits" into her life. This was her response...

I always feel better after I work out. It takes my brain to a very clear place. Also, my husband and I do it together...its great for our relationship. I have a very beautiful, hot trainer. She comes to my house and trains me and my husband, and when I'm not there he still gets to have her come over. He's just winning winning winning!

Sounds like Mr. Banks has it pretty good sweating it up with Elizabeth AND their hottie trainer!!!

This screening was hosted by TheMoms, 2 of my gorge friends and mommy-media stars. It was very cool to get to hear Elizabeth speak about the film and her real life role as a mom.

Here's some great insight into Elizabeth Banks and why she's so f-ing cool (based on what I heard and witnessed today):

She married her highschool sweetheart.


Sweat for a Good Cause This Summer and Be Moved Like I Was at Pedal On The Pier


Change up your solo workout routine this summer by getting involved with a great fitness charity. That's what I did by heading to Santa Monica with Lady Foot Locker for Pedal On The Pier. Watch the video above to see how one charity event can bring together and move so many people, including a bunch of fitness-loving celebrities.

Hilary and Haylie Duff who are Soul Cycle spinning fanatics wasted no time getting on their bikes, and Evander Holyfield rode the full 4-hours like a champ ('cause he is one). Gotta admit, I was so nervous to meet him! But he's a soft spoken, almost bashful kind of guy who seems to put family first. When he told me that his kids and mother inspire him, well, that just made my heart melt. I was very honored to meet him. And I must encourage you to check out Haylie's food blog called Real Girl's Kitchen--she's quite the gourmet health nut!

Cool, Caring and Outgoing people give their time to fitness charities! That's something I...

Tracy Anderson Gives You A Leg Up With Her New Workout Leggings


Before I interviewed Tracy Anderson, I pegged her as the woman who made it big training Madonna and who owns an elite studio where white girls who can't jump or dance go once to painfully humiliate themselves (yup, that was me). But she's way more than that. She's the big sister who drags you to the gym wearing matching workout leggings and cares about how you work out. She's thoughtful and she's not just in it for herself. Her new line of leggings proves that. The pic below shows all 4 styles which cater to different body types.


I got to ask Tracy everything I've been dying to know about her. I love her honesty and her approach to being fashionably fit. The fact that she cares so much about how her clients and dvd-home-fitness fans look and feel in their workout clothes is enough for me to call her my new fitness crush!


...and find out which leggings she wears...

Tracy Anderson - Celebrity Fitness Entrepreneur

Q.Everyone knows who you are, not just fitness peeps. How has fame affected your life and what you do?
I find myself so unaware of fame until I am in my sweats in CVS and someone asks if I am who I am and then tells me how much my work has changed their life.  I feel lucky because I am known in a way where I am always authentically myself.  I teach and help people, so just like any teacher, I love being close with my students. However, I will say that it's a little different for my husband to get used to.

Q.At what point in your life did you become interested in pursuing a career in fitness, as a trainer?
When nothing else worked (and believe me, I tried everything!). I never wanted to be a trainer and go take a certification for all of the fitness techniques that failed me, so I decided to do my own research, stay focused, and take on the serious task of developing the thousands of moves and the systems I have developed so that I am able to fill what I saw was...

Amanda Beard Comes Clean Before 2012 Olympics Trials (in an interview with me!)


Most remember Amanda Beard as a teenaged girl clutching her teddy bear on the Olympic medal stand. And few will forget the tantalizing athletic physique that earned her countless magazine covers in her 20's. There's no question Amanda Beard has lived a very fast and competitive life. But just like any other person in the world, she's hit some walls, made mistakes and tumbled.

I had the honor of interviewing Amanda about her new memoir, which was her way of coming clean to everyone (her teammates, family, fans), including herself.

READ IT HERE --> Amanda Beard's Celebrity Sweat Interview

And just in case you're wondering how I came to meet Amanda, I met her at an incredible event produced by The Moms and hosted at Equinox's Printing House gym location. Since I only had a few minutes to speak with Amanda there, she kindly agree to a more in-depth interview.

I must say, I have never met an athlete who appears more zen than Amanda. She seemed to be...

Amanda Beard - US Olympian Swimmer

Q.Amanda, trials haven't even started yet and you're already winning. Congrats on making the NY Times Best Seller list!
I had no idea all the hard work was going to create a New York Times Best-Seller! I’m so thankful and so blessed to have the fans I do. These are people that have believed in me and my career, so I’ve enjoyed meeting them along my book tour in different cities. The most rewarding part of this whole experience though has really been hearing stories of others who went through similar situations in their life and how they have either come out triumphant, or are using my story to overcome issues. That’s powerful; that means I’m making a difference not only in the pool but in life. And that is pretty cool to me.

Q.When we met during your book tour, you told me that it took you 3 years to write your memoir. Why?
At first, I just didn’t know how to use my voice to express my struggles and I wasn’t sure how much of my life I...

Will Brooklyn-Born-Babe Natasha Hastings Sprint to Gold at the 2012 Olympics?


She better! Because I'm rooting for this pretty lady who they call the 400M Diva. Natasha took the gold medal home in 2008 for the 4x400 relay and she's been training her heart out in Texas to do it again in London. I was dying to interview her because she's known for her fabulous style on the track.

Read my Celebrity Sweat interview with 2012 Olympic hopeful Natasha Hastings and follow her training tips. Plus find out exactly what was going through her mind while posing nude for ESPN's Body Issue.

IT'S ALL RIGHT HERE --> Natasha Hasting's Celebrity Sweat Interview




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