Sotomayor is a Bike Babe

According to the Washington Post (Friends Provide Glimpse Into U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor’s ‘Very Full Life’, by Keith B. Richburg, Robin Shulman and Nancy Trejos):

Sotomayor has lately tried to exercise several times a week at the courthouse gym and has hired a personal trainer at the nearby Equinox gym. She has also become an avid bicyclist, sometimes going up the West Side of Manhattan and cycling back down the East.

So glad to see Justice Sotomayor setting a healthy example for modern day women. Work and exercise go hand-in-hand. Exercise reduces stress and increases productivity. Biking outdoors is great for working the lower body, clearing the mind and in Sotomayor’s case, getting out of the couthouse for some fresh air.

Check out for New York City’s bike lanes and bike paths mapped by borough.

Try this website for a bicycle friendly route from A to B:


"Why Exercise Won't Make You Thin" Backlash

In Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin (The New York Times, 2009), John Cloud writes:

You should exercise to improve your health, but be warned: fiery spurts of vigorous exercise could lead to weight gain.

MY OPINION: Who eats doughnuts after putting in a good, healthy workout? For people who really care about their health and fitness this article is irrelevant. Working out isn’t just about losing weight. It’s about being active, feeling good, enjoying life, finding inspiration and inner strength. If all you care about is losing weight, then you’re not fully experiencing all the benefits that a fit lifestyle has to offer. The good news is that it’s never too late to get on board. 

Photo credit: From The New York Times Online - Why Exercise Won't Make You Thin, Aug. 09, 2009.



What would Marc Jacobs do (at the gym)?



Marc Jacobs is one of my favorite designers (who I like to feature) and I’m giddy after spotting him at my gym in New York.

I was amazed by his upper body strength and build. I’ve seen pictures before but in person he’s noticeably more muscular and sexy. And of course, he was the best dressed man at the gym.

Inspired by Marc? Watch THIS video on lateral pull-downs:

This weight lifting exercise will work your chest, back, shoulders, and arms.

Make sure your form is correct prior to lifting.


* Moments from the NYC Half Marathon on August 16, 2009 *Paula Radcliffe of Great Britain and Tades

* Moments from the NYC Half Marathon on August 16, 2009 *

Paula Radcliffe of Great Britain and Tadese Tola of Ethiopia triumphed in the women’s and men’s professional division, each taking home a prize of $10,000.

Paula ran 13.1 miles in 1 hour, 9 minutes, and 45 seconds—not bad after a nine month hiatus and recovery from foot surgery. Paula is a three-time ING New York City Marathon winner. She won last year and could take the prize ($130,000) again on November 1st. I’ll be rooting for her but right now my favorite runner is Nadia Ejjafini from Bahrain who placed 4th in the half marathon (1:12:47).

As I was rushing to my assigned corral at the start of the race (late of course), I passed Nadia and was star struck. She caught me staring and smiled. It was a bashful moment and one I’ll always remember because she was literally walking to the start line to take her place. I was touched that she broke her concentration to smile at me. Nadia, you rock.

Need a New Assitude?

David Kirsch thinks you do. He’s the man responsible for shaping Heidi Klum’s derriere which looks amazing even when she’s preggers. His new book is designed for all body types and best of all, for both men and women. Butt Book is an easy-to-follow, fully illustrated manual of exercises that Kirsch uses to train fitness clients at his NYC gym.

Get it now because let’s admit we’ve turned into a butt loving society. There’s nothing shameful in it. We’ve arrived at a time where it’s alright to thumbs-up, applaud or curtsy to a nice juicy butt. Just make sure the butt getting all the attention is yours.

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