I recently traveled to the United Kingdom and experienced trail running in Hampstead Heath, London’s largest ancient parkland. I’m used to pounding the NYC pavement so trail running was a new and very welcome challenge. Trail running is a scenic adventure and a great relief from busy concrete streets, pollution, trash, noise, and tourists who walk painfully slow. Hampstead Heath is unbelievably beautiful and not your typical park. It’s 3 sq miles of woodland, grassland, ponds, and hills, seeming more like natural countryside than city parkland. The Heath is known for its many trails that zig-zag through densely wooded, fairly dark and overgrown areas. Most of these dirt trails are stony, uneven and somewhat muddy from frequent showers. Believe it or not, this type of terrain is better on your joints than a running track or treadmill.

Dirt trail surfaces are softer and have a natural give. Sediment conforms to your foot causing joints less shock and putting less...


Calling all Fitness Hipsters! Try Hip Box for free in Times Square at Radio Shack’s Netogether event this weekend: 

Friday, Aug 7th at 5pm Times Square (Military Island)
Saturday, Aug 8th at 12pm Times Square (Military Island)

Hip Box is a boxing aerobics class that incorporates the fundamentals of boxing and is set to hip hop music. Expect a great cardiovascular workout and a 200-500 calorie burn. All levels are welcome.


Netogether is a 3 day event connecting pedestrians, celebrities, tech experts and performers in Times Square.

HERE for more information on Hip Box.


Bikram Yoga St. Louis is a HOT MESS

I went to Bikram Yoga St. Louis excited to experience Bikram yoga in my hometown. The 90 minute heated yoga class sounded intense and challenging. I walked into the studio with an open heart and mind, prepared to sweat and learn something new. Unfortunately, my experience was disappointing. First impressions are incredibly important and I was really surprised to see how this yoga studio made no effort to greet its clientelle as they walked through the door. I was completely ignored for 5 minutes while the front desk staff chatted about their plans for the evening. They noticed me standing there but decided their conversation was much more important than registering me for class. When I was finally addressed, one of the front desk girls asked if it was my first time at the studio. I replied yes and what followed was the rudest and worst customer service I’ve experienced in a long time. 

With a high and mighty tone to her voice, the...

Channel Your Dream Body with Chanelle

If you’re a fit-conscious female living in NYC then you probably know about Physique 57. You probably take a class there at least once a week. You probably own a few pairs of carpet gripping socks. You probably have a favorite Physique 57 instructor which means you probably know Chanelle. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then go to and sign up to experience the workout trend that’s sculpting NYC ladies (and some gents) into lean, sexy hard bodies. I suggest you take a class taught by Chanelle. 

Chanelle is a Physique 57 cult favorite. She defines fitness inside and out. Her classes are fast and furious, and word on the street is that she’s one of the hardest instructors. When I took her class, I was impressed by the ass whooping she delivered with a cheeky smile. I wanted to hate her but instead I went back for more. I’m hooked on her BLT therapy (butt, legs & thighs) and...

Barefoot Training


I put a lot of thought into a sneaker purchase. I do research to make sure the shoe I buy is designed to support my feet. On top of that, I’m overly concerned with finding a shoe that improves my athletic performance. It’s so time consuming and there are so many sneakers to choose from. Lately, I’ve been rethinking this whole approach on shoe selection by taking my sneakers off to workout. Barefoot training is a growing trend and it’s based on the fact that shoes can limit the potential of our feet.

Our feet actually lose their tactile capacity throughout a lifetime of wearing shoes. Constraining shoes limit free movement and flexibility. As a result, our feet may never develop to their proper size or shape. Tendons and ligaments shorten, muscles degenerate, and the risk for foot and ankle injuries increases. Shoes protect our feet in many activities, but overall neglect them from getting the exercise they need.

Barefoot training is an excellent way to...

What's in my gym bag?

Take a look…everything you see above lives in my gym bag. Am I a germ-a-phobe? Maybe. I believe in practicing good hygiene and apply this to my fitness regimen. The contents of my gym bag save me from being a sweaty-stinky-disgusting hot mess. I can’t survive in the fitness world without them.

Wristbands help me stay dry during intense workouts. They’re easier than using a towel, especially if you’re jogging outside or engaged in some kind of activity where carrying a towel is inconvenient. I like the NIKE FIT DRY WRISTBANDS above because they’re double-wide and come in bright colors.

Sometimes my ears sweat (totally gross…I know). For exercising, I use WETBUDS earphones ($15) which are somewhat sweatproof and fairly inexpensive. Better brands do exist, but at the WETBUDS price I can replace them as often as I like. I’m convinced that earbud crevices are teeming with bacteria…I shall not digress.

I’m picky with my socks. Comfort and odor control are...


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