One-Arming It: Unilateral Strength Training for Muscle Building

*Contributed by New Yorker/Gym-goer Jeremy S., MizzFIT Guest Blogger*

A few years ago I had a dumbbell dilemma. I had the strength to lift heavy, but could not manage to get two dumbbells in the correct position without the aid of a partner. My solution: use both arms to position a single dumbbell and train unilaterally (aka working one side of the body at a time, aka one-arm presses). 

Since that day I have made one-arm presses a staple of my work out and it’s become pretty common for my fellow gym-goers to approach me and inquire what the benefit is to only using a single arm (performing a one-arm chest press with a 100lb dumbbell tends to attract attention). As you now know, I didn’t set out to become a proponent of one-arm presses, but have since learned (and more importantly experienced) the three key benefits associated with unilateral training: 

Core Strength: When you perform a one-arm press, your body is unstable. You have weight on one...


Medical researchers find that lifting weights is a healthy way to lower blood pressure.  Get acquainted with the free weight section of your gym because it only takes a few low-intensity resistance exercises to steer clear of heart disease. Here’s how it works…

You pick up 2 dumb bells.

You do a set of bicep curls and watch your muscles bulge.

You groan because that means you’re hardcore.

You feel your heart rate and blood pressure rise with each curl.

<Cue CSI Miami forensic zoom technology>

Your blood vessels are expanding.

Your heart is pumping blood at a rate it’s never pumped before.

Stronger by Kanye West comes on…

Your heart is in the zone and your blood pressure is going down.

You reach your arm around you and pat yourself on the back.

Well done!


THOSE ARMS! If you dream about them (like me) here&#8217;s how to get them

THOSE ARMS! If you dream about them (like me) here’s how to get them.   Jason Walsh, Jessica Biel’s trainer recommends push-ups.

“When I say this is a must-do exercise, most women look at me like I’m crazy,” Walsh says. “But everybody I train ends up doing push-ups at some point because they are so beneficial.”

LESSON LEARNED: Push-Ups —> Jessica Biel Arms —> Lots of Smiley Faces

Check out these links for push-up tips and variation:

To the P90X Fitness Program by Beachbody:Why are you selling this program on TV at 2am ghetto-infor

To the P90X Fitness Program by Beachbody:

Why are you selling this program on TV at 2am ghetto-informercial-style? Most people who purchases fitness videos and products from infomercials never end up sticking to the program. If P90X is really what you say it is, share your program with people who will embrace it. Take it to gyms, fitness centers, conventions and market a P90X challenge class. Don’t sell it on TV at 2am and trick poor couch potatoes into thinking they’re going to change their body in 3 months. We all know, in most cases, that’s not going to happen. I’ve watched the DVD’s and read the literature. I think the program is legitimate but you’re throwing it away. So you’re making tons of money off people that will never remove the plastic wrap from your videos, but I thought the point was to actually help people become a more fit version of themselves. Why not take advantage of opportunities to inspire people to turn off their TV and start the P90X...

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