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Try New Things with No Fear! I Squash My Anxiety with Quotivations and Track Jackets.

Getting motivated to take a risk or try something new isn't always easy. An inspirational mantra or quote can zap your nervous nelly mindset and improve your confidence. Fitness fashion always seals the deal for me, too! Who doesn't like to shop or try out a new style? It's the little things like this that can alter your state of fear or insecurity. I should know because I suffer from anxiety. I have attacks that drop me to the floor breathless.

My story: I get anxiety attacks though you'd never guess it

I'm an outgoing and gregarious person. I'm not easily intimidated and no one who knows me would ever call me quiet or shy. But we all have certain traits and behaviors that sometimes turn us into a walking oxymoron. Mine happens to be physical anxiety that's unleashed during times of major stress. I can feel the anxiety attack coming on and I usually know how much time I have before I go into full panic mode. These attacks don't happen often, thank God, but they do happen...

I Love Spotting Fitness Trends Before They Break. BREAK THESE WITH ME!

I love spotting fitness trends before they break but I also enjoy watching them play out. It's one of the best parts of my job and it's such an honor when companies invite me to view or test their product out before it hits stores. I'm a tough critic though...because your style and health matters to me. So here ya go! These are the game-changers...


(In no particular order except for how my frazzled brain spit them out)

* Affordable Activewear That Doesn't Look Like Activewear

Hallelujah! Lululemon, I love ya but I don't like spending my entire activewear allowance on you. Please welcome AEO Performance to the fitness apparel scene. Who? AEO = American Eagle's activewear line. I got ahold of some of their latest pieces and was blown away! Not only are they 1/2 the price of Lululemon gear but they're designed to blur the lines between workout and “hangout”, meaning you can wear the pieces for either. My favorite pieces are the “Peplum”...

Marlo and Tia: Two Women Rising to the TOP of the POLE (**SEXY GIVEAWAY**)

Valentine's Day has now passed but why not celebrate it everyday when it comes to your relationship with your body? Own what you see in the mirror with attitude and pride. Like Marlo and Tia, 2 women who have gone against the grain to inspire women to feel sexy, uninhibited and energized by their sexuality. What they're doing for women is incredible, and even more fascinating is that they've made careers of it. Meet these extraordinary ladies who are pioneers of pole fitness culture and enter my BOOTYFUL GIVEAWAY( courtesy of Vertical Edge) at the end of this article.


Marlo Fisken had been a dancer for years before she started "poling", which is the accurate term for the sport of pole. Calling it "pole dancing" makes it sound like stripping, and poling is by far more dynamic, beautiful and challenging than anything you'd see at your local strip club. Although, Marlo does admit that the naughty correlation of poling to stripping did initially draw her to the...


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